Japan's transport plane displayed at UAE air show

Japan's transport plane displayed at UAE air show

Japan's Defense Ministry has exhibited a domestically produced transport aircraft at a major air show in the United Arab Emirates.

Speaking to reporters at the show on Sunday, ministry officials said the C-2 plane can carry a helicopter or an armored vehicle, which the older C-1 cannot.

They said the C-2 can fly longer and carry heavier cargo than the C-1. They said this is partly because the C-2's body is lighter as it is made from composite materials such as carbon fiber.

The Defense Ministry says it will promote the C-2's performance to the UAE government during the show as it is showing interest in the aircraft.

The Japanese government plans to strictly screen defense equipment transfers to other nations in compliance with 3 principles adopted in 2014.

Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Defense, Keitaro Ono, said in the UAE that he wants other nations to know the C-2's capabilities.

He says the government will decide whether exporting the aircraft to the UAE will be in line with Japan's strategy and the new principles.