Record haul of dangerous drugs seized near Tokyo

Record haul of dangerous drugs seized near Tokyo

Anti-drug authorities in Japan have arrested 6 people on suspicion of possessing a large supply of so-called "dangerous drugs." The drugs are mixtures of herbs and chemicals, similar to illegal narcotics.

The health ministry's anti-drug officials say 50-year-old Manabu Iwamura, and 5 others, were found in possession of 20 kilograms of the banned substances in September at a house in Kawasaki city, located south of Tokyo.

The officials say a further search at the house uncovered a total of 180 kilograms of the drugs, including powdery materials that could be used as ingredients, and around 1.6 tons of herbs. It is the largest single seizure of dangerous drugs. Their street value is estimated to be over 3 billion yen, or 26 million dollars.

Mixing devices and centrifuges, likely used to produce the drugs, were also found.

The authorities say Iwamura has admitted that the allegations are true. He is quoted as saying he started selling the substances 3 years ago, and that monthly revenues have been around 180,000 dollars, on average, over the past 2 years.

The officials believe the suspects made over 9 million dollars through online sales. They are trying to obtain more information about the sale routes and uncover other details.