Tuesday, November 7, 3:24 (UTC)

US boosts missile defense against N.Korea

The United States is stepping up its missile defense against possible attacks on the US homeland by North Korea.

A Defense Department official told NHK that the deployment of 8 more missile interceptors had been completed in the state of Alaska by Thursday.

With this move, a total of 44 ground-based interceptors are now deployed in Alaska and California to counter the threat of North Korean intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Meanwhile, the White House said the administration under President Donald Trump plans to continue boosting missile defense against North Korea from next year onward. It asked Congress to approve an additional budget of 4 billion dollars.

According to its letter delivered to Congress, the budget may cover the costs for the additional deployment of up to 20 ground-based interceptors, the construction of an interceptor field at the Alaska base, and the procurement of Aegis-ship-based SM-3 Block IIA interceptors.

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