Japan animation market tops 2 tril. yen

Japan animation market tops 2 tril. yen

An industry group says the sales of Japanese animation, related services, and products topped 2 trillion yen, or about 17.6 billion dollars, for the first time in 2016.

The Association of Japanese Animations conducted an annual survey of about 100 animation production companies in the country.

It said their sales exceeded the 2 trillion yen mark for the first time since record-keeping began in 2002.

The sales of DVDs, other products, and from box office receipts overseas topped the list at about 6.75 billion dollars, followed by the sales of character goods at 4.95 billion dollars.

The group cited a Japanese anime boom abroad and the blockbuster film "Kimi no na wa" or "your name." as major factors that contributed to the growth.

It also said more fans are taking in Japanese anime in various ways, including participating in events featuring voice actors.

Association Chairman Hiromichi Masuda said businesses have established ways to help fans enjoy animation and that this has led to growth in the market.

He added that the market has the potential to grow further.