Taiwan president calls for dialogue with China

Taiwan president calls for dialogue with China

Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen has called for resumption of dialogue with China to improve bilateral ties, while insisting she will not bow to pressure.

Tsai was speaking at a ceremony in Taipei on Tuesday to mark what Taiwan calls National Day.

She said people must do their utmost to defend democracy and freedom obtained through countless efforts. The remark is apparently aimed at countering Beijing's demand for acceptance of its "One China" principle.

Cross-strait relations have been chilly since Tsai's Democratic Progressive Party took power last year.

The president said she will not return to the old path of confrontation, but will not bow to pressure.

She also said hostility between the 2 sides has been replaced by peaceful development.

Tsai added that leaders from both sides should display political wisdom and search for new ways of cross-strait interaction with determination and patience.

But it's uncertain whether Beijing will respond positively.
Late last month, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang warned in a speech that Beijing firmly opposes Taiwanese independence.