Google to start selling smart speakers in Japan

Google to start selling smart speakers in Japan

NHK has learned that the US tech giant Google will start selling its smart speakers on the Japanese market starting in early October.

Smart speakers are equipped with artificial intelligence and respond to voice commands, allowing users to listen to music or news, or control appliances.

Many people in the United States are already using smart speakers made by Google and Amazon, among others.

Google started selling its version, Google Home, in November. The company is adding support for the Japanese language and is expected to enter the Japanese market.

The free messaging app provider LINE started selling a smart speaker in Japan with limited functions last month. Telecom giant NTT Docomo is also considering entering the market. But AI speakers aren't yet common in the country.

The move by Google, a market leader, will likely boost the popularity of the AI speakers as a command center for all kinds of home appliances.