More than 90 killed in flood-hit Indian state

Floods caused by torrential rains in northeastern India have killed at least 97 people.

Heavy rains that started last week have caused large-scale floods and landslides across the region.

On Tuesday, a landslide hit several homes in Arunachal Pradesh State, killing 14 people.

In Nagaland State, a river washed away a bridge, killing 5 people.

An Indian Air Force helicopter lost control in heavy rain and crashed during a rescue operation in Arunachal Pradesh State.

Three people died in the crash.

The government says about 2 million people have been forced to evacuate. Many houses have been washed away.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has ordered immediate, all-out support for those who have been affected.

Weather officials are cautioning against heavy rains that are expected to continue in the northeastern region next week.