Giant panda at zoo in Tokyo gives birth to a cub

Giant panda at zoo in Tokyo gives birth to a cub

A giant panda at Tokyo's Ueno Zoo, named Shin Shin, gave birth to a cub on Monday. The birth of a panda cub at Ueno Zoo is the first in 5 years.

The zoo observed copulations between Shin Shin and a male panda Ri Ri in late February.

Zoo officials had been preparing for Shin Shin's potential delivery since last month, when she started showing signs of pregnancy.

Shin Shin reportedly gave birth shortly before noon on Monday, after her water broke. Zookeepers heard the cub's first cry. The sex is not yet known.

After the birth, Shin Shin was seen carrying the cub with her right foreleg.

The zookeepers have not yet confirmed whether or not she is breastfeeding.

The zoo will keep an eye on the cub around the clock for the time being.

Shin Shin was impregnated by Ri Ri 5 years ago, and she gave birth to a male panda cub. But the cub died 6 days after its birth. This new cub is the second to be born as a result of natural mating at the zoo.

Since 2011, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has been renting Shin Shin and Ri Ri from an organization in China that is involved with giant panda conservation.

The 10-year agreement requires the Tokyo government to pay the Chinese side 950 thousand dollars every year.

Because Shin Shin and Ri Ri belong to China, the newly born cub does as well. In the future, the cub will be sent to China.

The agreement requires the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to send the cub to China 24 months after its birth. But it is said that the Tokyo government and the Chinese side will discuss the date of the cub's delivery to China.