Contamination probed after Fukushima forest fire

Contamination probed after Fukushima forest fire

Japan's Forestry Agency is assessing the possible spread of radioactive contamination after a forest fire near the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

The fire started on April 29th in a state-owned forest in Namie Town, and raged for 12 days. It destroyed 75 hectares within the area designated a no-go zone due to high radiation.

Agency and local officials, and experts on forest fires and radioactive contamination, are inspecting the site wearing protective suits.

They're checking for changes in radiation levels and the potential for landslides that could spread radioactive substances.

Fukushima Prefecture officials say no major changes have been detected in radiation levels so far.

Inspections will continue for another day, and the agency will publicize the results by the end of June.