Toxic chemicals found again in Toyosu groundwater

Toxic chemicals found again in Toyosu groundwater

An additional survey at the proposed site of Tokyo's new wholesale market has once again found higher-than-permitted amounts of toxic chemicals in groundwater.

Metropolitan government officials reported the results to an expert panel on Sunday. The Toyosu market is to replace the aging one at Tsukiji.

The survey was conducted at 29 locations in the Toyosu compound. High levels of toxins were discovered in the 9th round of tests late last year.

Four laboratories analyzed the water samples. Levels of benzene exceeding the government standards were detected at 19 of the locations.

One laboratory found benzene levels in the vegetable section were 100 times higher than the permissible limit. High levels of the chemical were detected in this section in the previous survey.

Cyanogen, of which no amount is permitted, was found in 18 places. In the seafood section, 5 locations had higher-than-allowed levels of arsenic.

The experts recommend that further surveys should be carried out.

Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike told reporters that the results aren't good. She said she will make a decision on whether to relocate the market to Toyosu after considering various views.