Negitoro Sushi Rice with Umeboshi Plum Puree

Negitoro, tuna paste with green onion, is a popular dish at sushi restaurants. Add sour plum paste to enhance the fresh taste.

Negitoro Sushi Rice with Umeboshi Plum Puree
Photographed by Takeharu HIOKI

Recipe by
Naomi Takayama






Calorie count is per serving.
Excludes time spent cooking the rice.

Ingredients (Serves 4)

  • 540 ml rice
  • 1 piece konbu kelp (5 cm x 5 cm)
  • [Seasoned sushi vinegar]

    • 5 tbsp rice vinegar
    • 2 tbsp sugar
    • 1/3 tsp salt
  • 250 g tuna (finely chopped; fatty)
  • 1 umeboshi (pickled plum; large)
  • 5 stalks hoso-negi green onions
  • 2 myoga
  • 15 shiso leaves
  • 1 bunch watercress
  • 3 tbsp white sesame seeds
  • Nori seaweed (shredded), as needed
  • Ginger pickled in sweet vinegar, as needed
  • 1 1/2 tsp soy sauce
  • 1 tsp sesame oil



Add the piece of konbu kelp to the rice, and cook the rice with slightly less water than ordinarily, so that the rice will still be slightly firm when cooked. Chop the hoso-negi green onions. Cut the myoga in half along their lengths, then cut on the bias into thin slices. Thinly slice the shiso leaves. Chop the watercress starting from its root end.


In a saucepan, combine the ingredients for the [seasoned sushi vinegar] and heat briefly to dissolve the sugar.


When the rice is cooked, remove the konbu kelp and transfer to a bowl. Pour the [seasoned sushi vinegar] over the rice and mix in thoroughly, using a cutting motion with a spatula. Cover with plastic wrap and let rest for about 10 min to absorb the flavor of the vinegar.


Chop the umeboshi (pickled plum) into a paste and place it in a separate bowl along with the chopped hoso-negi green onion, soy sauce, and sesame oil, then mix well. Add the chopped tuna and mix briefly.


Add the white sesame seeds, sliced shiso leaves, myoga, and watercress to the sushi rice, then mix briefly. Add the umeboshi-tuna mixture and mix further.


Arrange on a serving plate, then add shredded nori seaweed on top and ginger pickled in sweet vinegar on the side.