Green Tea Syrup Jelly

If you love green tea, you'll enjoy its distinctive bitterness and aroma in this cool and refreshing Japanese dessert.

Green Tea Syrup Jelly
Photographed by FUJIO ONISHI

Recipe by
Etsuko Ueda







Excludes time needed to chill in the fridge.

Ingredients (Serves 4)

  • [Green tea jelly]

    • 2 tsp green tea powder

      *Unsweetened green tea powder for making matcha drinks by dissolving in hot water. If unavailable, use 2 tsp of matcha.

    • 75 g granulated sugar
    • 400 ml water
    • 12 g sheet gelatin
  • [Green tea syrup]

    • 400 ml green tea
    • 2 tbsp granulated sugar



Reconstitute the sheet gelatin by soaking it in an ample amount of ice water for about 15 minutes.


Separate the gelatin sheets before immersing them in the ice water to allow the sheets to rehydrate evenly.


Make the [Green tea jelly]. Mix the green tea powder and granulated sugar and add to a pot along with 400 ml of water. Place over medium heat to dissolve the sugar, then remove from heat.


Drain the sheet gelatin and add it to the pot. Stir and dissolve. Put the pot in a bowl of ice water to chill.


Pour the jelly into a mold and refrigerate for about an hour to chill and set.


Make the [Green tea syrup]. Follow the directions on the package to make 400 ml of green tea. Add 2 tbsp of sugar while the tea is still hot. Stir until dissolved and then chill in the fridge.


When the jelly has set, briefly dip the bottom of the mold in warm water to loosen. Flip the jelly onto a cutting board or plate and cut into 2 cm cubes.


If you place the mold in warm water for too long, the jelly will melt. Dip the mold in warm water for 1-2 seconds at a time, checking each time if the jelly has separated from the mold.


Put the jelly cubes in individual glasses and cover them with the [Green tea syrup].