Lotus Root with Japanese Mustard Filling

Japanese-style pickles cut into beautiful slices. Fill the pickled lotus root holes with a Japanese mustard and egg yolk vinegar filling.

Lotus Root with Japanese Mustard Filling
Photographed by Hideo Sawai

Recipe by
Yoshiharu Doi






Calorie count is for full recipe.
Excludes time spent soaking the lotus root in sweetened vinegar.


  • 1 lotus root (medium) (180 - 200 g)
  • [Sweetened vinegar]

    • 300 ml water
    • 100 ml rice vinegar
    • 5 tbsp sugar
    • 2/3 tsp salt
    • 1 sheet konbu kelp (10 cmx10 cm)
  • [Egg yolk vinegar filling]

    • 5 yolks from boiled eggs

      To keep them a bright yellow, place the eggs in cold water first, then heat. When it comes to a boil, cook for an additional 8 mins, then immediately transfer the eggs into cold water to cool.

    • [A]

      • 1 tbsp sugar
      • 2 tsp Japanese mustard
      • 1/2 tsp salt
      • Approx. 1 tbsp rice vinegar



Peel the lotus root and place in a pot. Add enough water to cover the lotus root completely and put over medium heat. When it comes just to a simmer, pour out the water and fill again with cold water, then heat again, cooking for 20 mins at a temperature just enough to keep the lotus root swaying gently in the pot.


When the lotus root can be pierced smoothly with a bamboo skewer, remove and place in cold water to cool.


Use a thin skewer to avoid cracking the lotus root.


Mix together the ingredients for the [sweetened vinegar], then place the cooked lotus root in the sweetened vinegar. Place in the refrigerator and let rest overnight.


By preparing the pickled lotus root ahead of time like this, all you have to do before serving is fill it with the egg yolk vinegar filling.


Stand the pickled lotus root on paper towels or a cloth and let any excess liquid drain out.


Make the [egg yolk vinegar filling]: Press the yolks from the boiled eggs through a strainer and place in a bowl, then mix in the ingredients for [A].


Keep an eye on the consistency of the filling, making sure that it doesn't get too soft. Adjust the amount of rice vinegar depending on the firmness of the egg yolks and the Japanese mustard.


Keep pressing the end of the lotus root against the egg yolk vinegar filling to gradually fill the holes. Slice into easy-to-eat slices and serve.


Dampen a cloth, then wring it out thoroughly and use it to hold the lotus root to prevent it from slipping. Fill the lotus root without turning it over, all in the same direction, pressing straight against the filling until all of the holes are completely filled.