Onigirazu (Onigiri Sandwich)

Onigiri can come in all shapes and sizes - they can even be "onigirazu", or onigiri sandwiches! Try experimenting with different fillings!

Onigirazu (Onigiri Sandwich)
Photographed by HIDETOSHI HARA

Recipe by
Tochi Ueyama



Rice & Noodles



Excludes time needed to allow the toasted nori to settle.

Ingredients (Makes 2)

  • 3 rice serving bowls cooked rice (hot)
  • 2 sheets toasted nori (full sheet)
  • [A]

    • (210 kcal per onigiri)
    • 1 tbsp furikake rice seasoning (store-bought)

      Any variety with egg granules, nori and skipjack shavings.

    • Spicy mentaiko (membrane removed), as needed
  • [B]

    • (200 kcal per onigiri)
    • Skipjack shavings, as needed
    • Wasabi, as needed
    • Soy sauce, as needed
    • Umeboshi (with red shiso), as needed



Mix 1 1/2 bowls of rice with the furikake in [A]. Set aside a small portion. Spread the remainder on a sheet of nori, leaving 1-2 cm of space around the margins.


Spread the spicy mentaiko in [A] over the furikake rice. Cover with the small portion of furikake rice set aside earlier.


Hold one corner of the nori facing you and pull it towards the center of the rice to fold over. Bring the opposite corner towards the center of the rice as well, allowing both corners to overlap.


Pull the nori towards the center without squashing the rice grains.


Repeat the process for the remaining corners so that the rice is tucked in from all four corners. Turn over and lightly press down to flatten.


Set aside for a while to allow the nori to settle. Cut in half and plate up.


The moisture from the rice will stick the nori in place.


Make another onigiri sandwich using [B]. In a bowl, combine the skipjack shavings, wasabi and soy sauce. Set aside a small portion of rice. Spread the rest of the rice over the sheet of nori. Cover with the seasoned skipjack shavings and pitted umeboshi. Spread the small portion of rice set aside earlier and repeat directions 3 to 5.