Daikon Radish Salmon Rolls

Salmon wrapped in white radish, resembling a sunrise. It is a perfect recipe for a Japanese new year dish.

Daikon Radish Salmon Rolls
Photographed by Akio Takeuchi

Recipe by
Yoko Arimoto







Ingredients (Serves 2)

  • 5 cm daikon radish
  • 80 g smoked salmon (block)

    If you cannot buy smoked salmon in block, use sliced salmon and roll into cylinders one cm across.

  • Yuzu citron peel (cut into thin shreds after soaking in water, with seeds removed)
  • Salt



Peel the outer layer of the daikon. Next, peel off a 1 mm thin, 12 cm long layer by moving the blade up and down as you slowly rotate the daikon. Peel off three more layers and soak them in lightly salted water to soften them.


Katsuramuki: Cut into a cylinder. Then, while rotating the cylinder, peel off a thin, continuous layer to create a sheet.


Cut the smoked salmon into four 1 x 5 cm strips.


Pat dry the daikon sheets. Place a strip of salmon and a little yuzu citron peel and dried red chili on each sheet and make four rolls. Cut off the edges and cut in half.


Place the short end of the sheet towards you. You'll find it's easier to roll up the salmon if you place the salmon near the edge and the yuzu and chili behind it.


Katsura-muki (peeling off a thin, continuous sheet)

Refers to peeling off a thin, continuous sheet from a daikon radish. The sheet can then be rolled up and cut into thin shreds for use as garnish for sashimi.

  1. Cut a 5-10 cm long piece from the daikon (length depends on the dish), preferably a straight cylindrical piece.
  2. Place your thumbs close to the edge of the blade to guide the cutting. Move the blade up and down in a sawing motion as you slowly rotate the daikon to peel off a thin continuous sheet.

Suitable ingredient:
Daikon radish