Ume Plum-stuffed Grilled Chicken Tenderloins

Umeboshi increases your appetite. It is known as a great ingredient for fighting the summer heat.

Ume Plum-stuffed Grilled Chicken Tenderloins
Photographed by Takeshi Noguchi

Recipe by
Eiko Oba







Calorie count is per serving

Ingredients (Serves 2)

  • 4 chicken tenderloins (200 g)
  • 2 umeboshi (pickled plums, large) (40 g)
  • 8 shiso leaves

    Shiso, sometimes referred to as perilla, is a Japanese herb with a refreshing fragrance used to garnish or add zest to a wide range of dishes.

  • 2 tsp vegetable oil



Remove the umeboshi (pickled plums) pits by hand and remove the fruit attached to the pits. With a knife, pound/chop the umeboshi fruit into a smooth paste. If there are any tendons on the chicken tenderloins, remove them and cut open the chicken.


To cut open the chicken tenderloin; make a cut along its length in the center to a depth of about halfway through. Place your knife into the cut and slice through to the left. Turn the tenderloin around and repeat on the other side, so that the whole tenderloin opens flat.


Spread the umeboshi paste onto about half of the surface of each chicken tenderloin. Fold in half and place shiso leaves onto each side.


Oil and preheat a frying pan over medium heat. Add the stuffed chicken tenderloins and cook for about 1 min, then reduce heat to low, and cook for an additional 2 min. Turn the chicken over and cook for about 1 min over medium heat, then reduce heat to low and cook for an additional 1–2 min. Cut as desired and serve.