Deep-fried Breaded Shrimp

By preparing the shrimp this way, it won't curl up when it's deep-fried and keeps its beautiful appearance.

Deep-fried Breaded Shrimp
Photographed by Manao Okamoto

Recipe by
Makiko Oda






Calorie count is per serving.

Ingredients (Serves 2)

  • 8 shrimp (heads removed, shell intact)
  • A pinch of salt
  • A pinch of pepper
  • [A]

    • 1 egg
    • 1 tbsp milk
    • 4 tbsp flour
  • 400 ml panko (fresh)
  • Vegetable oil, as needed
  • [Tartar sauce]

    • 1 boiled egg
    • 30 g cucumber pickles (minced)
    • 4 tbsp mayonnaise
  • Loose leaf lettuce, as needed



Take the egg out of the fridge 20 minutes or so before placing in a small pot of lightly salted boiling water. Boil for around 10 minutes and immediately place in cold water.



De-vein the shrimp and chop off the tip of the tail diagonally. Using the flat edge of a knife, gently press out the moisture from the tail. Peel the shrimp, leaving the tail intact. Make 3 or 4 diagonal incisions along the belly and gently press down to straighten the back. Season with salt and pepper.


Cutting off the tip of the tail diagonally and pressing out the moisture with the flat edge of a knife prevents splattering while frying and results in a brighter color too. Shelling the shrimp, while leaving the tail intact, makes it easier to eat. Make sure to remove the legs as well. Place the shrimp belly up, and make 3 or 4 diagonal incisions along the belly. The incisions should be no more than 5 mm deep. Turn the shrimp over so that the belly is face down and gently press down to straighten the back so that it doesn't curl up when frying.


Prepare [A]. Break the egg into a bowl and mix together with the milk. Add the flour and mix thoroughly. Pour enough panko for the breading into a tray. Dip the shrimp into [A] and place on top of the panko. Cover thoroughly and lightly press down. Shake off the excess panko.


Pour vegetable oil into a frying pan to a height of 2 cm. Place over medium-high heat and heat to 170-180°C. Test the oil by placing the tip of a dry chopstick in it. If this causes a mass of tiny bubbles to rise, then it's hot enough to fry in. Gently lower the breaded shrimp into the oil and fry for a minute or so until the surface hardens. Continue frying for another minute, occasionally turning the shrimp over. When crisp and golden brown, place on a tray lined with a paper towel to remove excess oil.


Peel the boiled egg and put in a bowl. Mash it with the back of a fork and stir in the remaining [tartar sauce] ingredients. Tear the loose leaf lettuce into easy-to-eat pieces. Plate the shrimp and lettuce and serve with the [tartar sauce].