How to Reconstitute Koyadofu

Koyadofu is a freeze-dried tofu. When reconstituted, it acquires a sponge-like feel. Enjoy its distinctive texture!

How to Reconstitute Koyadofu
Photographed by Takeshi Noguchi

Recipe by
Eiko Oba


Beans & Tofu



  • Koyadofu, as desired



Place the koyadofu in a large tray or shallow pan and cover with water heated to about 50-60°C. This is the temperature at which tiny bubbles start rising from the bottom.


Cover the koyadofu with a light cutting board, wooden lid or plate to keep it under water. Soak for 20-30 minutes until the water is cold.


By this time, the koyadofu will have absorbed the water and become slightly larger. The color will have turned to a milky-white. Each block will be 3-4 times heavier and have a sponge-like texture.


Put the blocks in a bowl filled with water and wash by squeezing. Change the water in the bowl and repeat until the water from the koyadofu no longer looks milky.


Remove and make a stack of 2 or 3. Squeeze the stack with both hands to drain. This will keep the koyadofu from becoming soggy, and will also help it absorb seasoning and soup.


[Cutting into quarters]
Cut each block into four. This is the recommended way to cut koyadofu for simmered dishes, as it results in thick pieces that are easy to eat.

[Cutting into 1 cm strips]
Place the koyadofu on the cutting board so that the long side is facing you. Cut into 1 cm strips to shorten the cooking time and allow the koyadofu to quickly absorb seasoning.

[Tearing into pieces]
Tear the koyadofu into bite-size pieces. The rough edges will make it easier to combine with other ingredients and absorb seasoning.