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I made it!! “MY JAPANESE FOOD” vol.6

September 4, 2017

Hi, this is the editor-in-chief of JAPANESE FOOD. Welcome to the sixth installment of our regular series introducing some of the wonderful photos and comments we receive from Japanese food lovers around the world. Let's take a look at what they've been cooking up at home!

Hiyashi Chuka (Cold Ramen with Mixed Toppings)

Elisa from Italy

CommentI made ramen from scratch and it was really delicious! Easy to make and healthy.

Editor's comment

Great to hear from you, Elisa! Cold ramen is a seasonal dish that's perfect for Japan's hot and humid summers. Different restaurants and households use different toppings. Yours looks truly delicious! You've obviously put a lot of thought into the balance of colors as well as nutrition and taste. We'd love to hear what you think of the other delicious noodle recipes featured on this site. Just click on the “Recipes” tab, select “Rice & Noodles,” and get cooking!

Karee Doufu (Curry Flavored Tofu)

Kenken from Indonesia (currently living in Japan)

CommentMy kids love Japanese curry rice so much. Besides curry rice, sometimes I make curry udon & dry curry. I am so happy to find another variation recipe using curry powder. I used minced chicken instead of minced pork since we do not eat pork. It was easy to make & kids ate it in minutes! Thank you for the recipe!

Editor's comment

Wow, Kenken, that looks so good! I’m glad you enjoyed the recipe. Your chicken variation was a great idea—I bet your kids loved it! By the way, it’s easy to find all the recipes that use curry powder: just enter “curry powder” in the search box. If you see anything you like, please try it out and let us know what your kids think!

Udon Soup with Marinated Eggs / Oden with Chicken

zaynoo1 from Germany

[Udon Soup with Marinated Eggs]
I made the marinated eggs from your recipe and used it for my udon. Next time I will leave the vinegar away as it turned out a bit too tangy for my taste. Great nevertheless...
[Oden with Chicken]
I always wanted to try a Japanese Oden and today I made one. I used the recipe from your site with chicken breast, carrots, mushrooms, leek and 1/2 pack of fish cake mix for Oden. The broth turned out great - just my family did not like the fish cakes at all...

Editor's comment

Great to hear from you again, zaynoo1. Thanks for trying out both of those recipes! They’re really versatile, so after getting the hang of them, you can definitely adjust the seasonings to taste. Marinated eggs are a popular ramen topping in Japan, so do try making them again.

Your oden looks delicious, too. Dashi goes well with practically everything, so try experimenting with other ingredients as well, like daikon radish and atsuage. We also have a special feature on oden you might find interesting!

Tofu Chilled Fillets (Vegan) Veggies/ Wakame Salad / Spinach with Sesame Seed / Brown Rice and Miso Soup

wstark from the U. S. A (currently living in Japan)

CommentThis is a vegan recipe using all vegan materials including a homemade dash from kombu.

Editor's comment

Wow, an all-vegan feast! I’m very impressed, wstark. You’ve put a lot of time and effort into creating all kinds of dishes using different ingredients and cooking methods. Konbu kelp dashi has such a delicate flavor, yet it’s full of umami, which is why it brings out the inherent taste of other ingredients. If you’re interested in vegan cooking, do check out the special feature about it on our site. I look forward to hearing from you again soon!


sbswlclub from India

CommentI am making and eating dry fruits sushi. Filler in dry fruits with cucumber or fruits. It's purely vegetarian sushi.

Editor's comment

I’d never even thought of making sushi with dried fruit! I see you used nuts as well. Sounds like a great idea for a sushi party with family and friends! You can have a lot of fun experimenting with different flavors and textures. Thanks, sbswlclub, for sharing your out-of-the-box sushi idea with us!

Fried Salmon (Sake no Tatsuta-age)

Sensei Chef from the U. S. A

CommentThis was a fun and easy recipe to make, and it tasted delicious.

Editor's comment

Thank you Sensei chef, for sending in another mouth-watering creation. Deep-fried until crisp, and such an appetizing color... I’m getting hungry! I bet it would make a perfect topping for a donburi rice bowl, too. By the way, the “tatsuta-age” in the name refers to any ingredient marinated in a soy sauce base and then deep-fried. In Japan, chicken and mackerel tatsuta-age are all-time classics. There are more tatsuta-age recipes available on this site, so I hope you’ll try making them, too!

Thanks to everyone for sharing your creations with us. It’s great to see how you’re adding your own original twists to the recipes—it is, after all, MY JAPANESE FOOD!

To those of you who have just discovered our site, we have over 1000 recipes featuring Japanese home cooking, so I’m sure you’ll find something that you’ll be tempted to try. Just remember to snap a photo of the dish before you pick up your chopsticks! We look forward to seeing your creations and comments!

The Editor in Chief of JAPANESE FOOD

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