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I made it!! “MY JAPANESE FOOD” vol.4

March 13, 2017

Hi, this is the Chief Editor of "JAPANESE FOOD".
It is getting warmer day by day here in Japan, and we feel spring’s soft footsteps. What is the weather like in your country now?

Here is the fourth installment of our regular series, where we introduce some of the great creations from Japanese food lovers all over the world.

Keep those pictures and stories coming! We can't wait to see what you'll cook up next.

Now, let's look at some of our new "MY JAPANESE FOOD" posts!

Korokke (Croquettes) / Meatballs with Japanese Potato Salad

zaynoo1 from Germany

This is the first time I tried making korokke, and I loved, loved, loved it. I served it with homemade tonkatsu sauce and sansho pepper…
[Meatballs with Japanese Potato Salad]
This turned out so delicious; I used some wasabi for the mayonnaise dressing and the patties are oh so fluffy!

Editor's comment

Thank you zaynoo1 for posting these two dishes! The korokke looks perfectly golden brown and crispy. It looks like a good bite size, too! I can't believe this is your first try.
The meatball dish looks delicious as well! I can just imagine fluffy patties smothered in gravy. I also love the idea of adding wasabi to mayonnaise. Wasabi adds a strong sharpness to the mayonnaise and brings out one’s appetite.
If you have any leftover panko or wasabi, please try more recipes! Click on the "Party" icon on our "Recipes" page – it has delicious, beautiful-looking salads and tasty deep-fried recipes.
Please post again with your next Japanese food creation!

Doraikare (Dry Curry)

Sakura from Turkey

CommentFirstly, I thought raisins wouldn't suit. But now I love doraikare. Up until now, all of the Japanese dishes I've tasted are pretty yummy. I want to continue to cook Japanese food. I admire Japanese culture and the “Samurai grandchildren” :)

Editor's comment

Thank you very much for your posting, Sakura. You are right! There are often raisins in dry curry recipes, and I know how you feel about it. But when you actually try it with raisins, their sweetness adds a nice touch to the spicy curry.
Curries are very popular in Japan. We have so many curried recipes. If you can get Japanese ingredients, try making Japanese-style curry with daikon radish and gobo (burdock root), or have it with noodles instead of rice! They are all really good.
Please continue having fun making Japanese food. Looking forward to you posting again.

Seared Tuna Sashimi and Avocado

salloom from the U.S.A.

CommentI am a regular watcher of the “Dining With the Chef” program. The Seared Tuna Sashimi and Avocado (Rika's) plate was very easy to make, yet it was so delicious. My family members loved it and I made two additional plates. The secret is to get good quality tuna. I used Ahi tuna in this recipe!

Editor's comment

Thank you very much for always watching "Dining with the Chef" from NHK World. Not only watching the show, but actually making the dishes, then posting them means a lot to us. Using good quality tuna does make a difference! I'm sure it was just so delicious. I wish I could try it too...
When you cut up the ingredients long and thin, making "temaki sushi" (hand roll sushi) is recommended too! Get nori seaweed or lettuce cut to the size of your palm, spread rice over it, then put on your favorite ingredients (such as tuna or cucumbers) and roll them up. It's a popular party dish. Have fun making it with your friends and families! Please check out the details on our recipe site!

Doraikare (Dry Curry) / Chicken Teriyaki

Sensei Chef from the U.S.A.

It was very easy to make, and tasted delicious. Very colorful and pleasing to the eye. I will definitely make this recipe one of my regular ones.
[Chicken Teriyaki]
The recipe was fun to make and delicious. The one on the website used asparagus, but when I went to the market there was none, so I blanched some broccoli instead. I had rice left from an earlier meal, so I served the chicken and broccoli over a bed of rice. Before serving I sprinkled on Japanese pepper, sansho.

Editor's comment

Sensei Chef posted us two recipes! They both look really good!
Did you use green pepper in the doraikare? The green adds a nice color to the dish! It looks like the rice is stirred well and has a good texture. I can see how this could be your regular recipe!
As for the chicken teriyaki, your idea of using broccoli as an alternative to asparagus is great! I think it makes a big difference if there is a green ingredient or not. Sharing alternative ingredients and ideas is a great reference for us!
Do you like rice, Sensei Chef? This site has featured article about “rice” and “bonburi” (rice bowl) too. Please check them out!
Looking forward to your next postings!

I hope you all enjoyed these “MY JAPANESE FOOD” postings. We will be sharing more pictures and comments, so stay with us and we'll be waiting for more of your creations!

Now, it's your turn to post! Use this site, have fun with your creations, and send us your pictures and stories!

The Editor in Chief of JAPANESE FOOD

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