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12 Healthy Japanese-style Dressings

July 4, 2016

Wafu dressing is an easy, healthy, authentic Japanese compliment to your daily salad.
Usually rice vinegar, soy sauce or sesame-based, Japanese dressings tend to be lighter than those from elsewhere. Rather than cream or oils, miso paste can be added to give more body. The tangy fruit flavors of yuzu, ponzu, or sour plum give wafu dressing its bite, while touches of potherbs, such as spring onions, shiso leaves, miyoga, or wasabi add an exciting, uniquely Japanese touch.
Try the refreshing taste of wafu dressing on your next salad!

EasyBeans & Tofu

Shio-koji and Tofu Sauce

Shio-koji adds umami to the smooth taste of tofu and rich flavor of sesame. The tang of lemon juice gives an exquisite balance to this sauce.

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