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I made it!! “MY JAPANESE FOOD” vol.1

November 28, 2016

Hello, food lovers! Pleased to meet you.
This is the JAPANESE FOOD Editor-in-Chief.

Once a month, we'll be posting the wonderful pictures and comments we receive from you, our equally-wonderful readers.
We have already received so many beautiful pictures of "My Japanese Food". Please enjoy these pictures, sent from Japanese food lovers from around the world!

But first, for those of you who haven't yet been in touch, we are still waiting for pictures of your own Japanese food creations, based on our recipes. Please send them in, and show us what you've done!

Now let’s see this month’s "My Japanese Food"!
Please enjoy, along with my comments.

Snapper with ginger sauce sushi

Warattaya from Thailand

CommentIt's a very delicious dinner. I am very proud to make it for my boyfriend. It's my first time making sushi and nigiri.

Editor's comment

I can't believe this is your first try! It looks beautiful. What a romantic idea to make sushi for your boyfriend! I bet the extra ingredient (love!) made the sushi taste even better! Please keep making your lovely Japanese food.

Making rolls can be a bit challenging, so we are thinking of introducing a "How to make rolls" video on our website in the near future.

Steven's Japanese meal supplement for his favorite Rebellion beer

Steven Dunn from UK

CommentThe 3 dishes are; short grain rice, stir fry cucumber and mushroom, and chicken, carrot, shallot, and green pepper in Japanese style broth washed down with Rebellion Beer (a UK real ale). The stock used was similar to the one in Rika's Mom's Mixed Sushi. My style of cooking is to use what fresh food needs to be eaten in the fridge rather than to buy specific for a meal.
It is difficult to get some ingredients, in particular dashi and bonito flakes (if there is a prize please send me a bag, LOL) so I improvise and use the recipes for inspiration. Ex.- using reconstituted dried shittake mushroom water towards stock and sherry instead of sake.
This website and Rika's TV show have really helped me to learn to cook 'in the Japanese way'. In particular, I now cook with chicken thigh a lot more than I used to, and I prefer it to chicken breast, as well as trying to get the 5 colours in each meal.

Editor's comment

Unfortunately, we cannot send you a prize, but your cooking deserves a gold medal! The way you enjoy cooking - taking in the techniques we've shown on our website and TV shows, then making it your own - really touched me!

There must be so many Japanese ingredients that are hard to get where you live. We would love to know what kind of things you can and can't get, and your great ideas for alternatives. Please post again and teach us!

Chef Saito's Hand Rolled SUSHI [Temaki Sushi]

Killowave from the U.S.

CommentMy wife and I did not use the baby sardines, but sesame seeds instead.
We replace the tuna with some fresh shrimp. Everything still turned out delicious.

Editor's comment

Thank you for following "Dining with the Chef".
What a beautiful table setting! Love the chopsticks and the dishes. They are gorgeous! Great idea to use sesame and shrimp as an alternative.
Please be creative and have fun making Japanese food!

By the way, is it hard to use chopsticks? You know, with Temaki-sushi, you roll it with your hands then eat it with your hands. So, if you know anyone having a hard time with chopsticks, we recommend Temaki-sushi, or sushi which is meant to be eaten with your hands!

Nikujaga - the Japanese family's recipe

KouzuBC17 from FRANCE

Comment"Delicieux" (oishiisooo) one of my "winter" favorite recipe who warms everybody at dinner. A recipe you can use for Onigiri too :3

Editor's comment

"Nikujaga" is the taste of mother's home cooking. This looks better than my mother's! It's getting colder in Japan now, so these kinds of warm dishes will be appearing on the dinner table more often. I wonder if it's getting cold in France too?
There are so many warm and oishii (delicious) recipes on this site. Why not warm yourself from the inside?

By the way, would it be easier to follow the recipes if there were a step by step visual guide? We are planning to add more "how to" pictures, so stay tuned!
Hope it helps!

Chicken Breast and Umeboshi Rice

zaynoo1 from Germany

CommentI had to try this recipe as soon as I saw Rika's program. It was sooooo delicious and will be one of my staple recipes now…

Editor's comment

Thank you for following "Dining with the Chef".
I love the presentation! Can you get umeboshi, sour plum, in Germany? In Japan, we have a custom of harvesting plums in the early summer, then preserving them at home. I wonder if you can get the same kind of plum overseas as we get here. Sour plum is a taste peculiar to Japan, but I'd like many people around the world to try it!

Chicken Tsukune Patty Teriyaki

zaynoo1 from Germany

CommentWe loved loved loved this dish, it was so yummy!

Editor's comment

I can see the "Teri" gloss well, and it's yummy looking! I like how you presented it with eggs. You can try Teriyaki sauce on so many dishes, so please give it a try!
Zaynoo1 sent us two pictures - I guess you cook Japanese food often! We are going to publish more and more "everyday Japanese recipes" on the site. Hope you will continue to enjoy cooking them.

Rika's California Roll Trio

Grazia Govone from Italy

CommentDone! I followed this recipe, "Rika's California Roll Trio", although I made just the one roll with salmon and celery stalk. Used smoked salmon instead of the raw one. My daughters, who love pretty much all sushi, said it was yummy. Thank you so much! Oh, we renamed this recipe "sulavagueshi" ("SU" = first two letters of the word sushi. "LAVAGUE" = in French language "la vague" means "the wave") as on the nori's package there was the illustration of the Wave (la vague) of Hokusai.

Editor's comment

Thank you very much for following "Dining with the Chef".
The Grazia family gave an original name to their creation, based on what was going on around them at the time.
“Sulavagueshi” is a great name, combining sushi and the famous Japanese Ukiyoe picture of a wave. I hope you'll continue making “sulavagueshi” again and again. And I hope you'll find more recipes that you like from our site.

This site introduces recipes made by Japanese chefs, and Japanese homemade favorites. You can follow the recipes and experience authentic local home cooking, or be creative and arrange it to your own taste! I'd love to know everyone’s unique takes the recipes.

Thank you very much for all your postings.
I plan to post more pictures and comments next month.
Please keep posting your creations!!!
I can’t wait!

The Editor in Chief of JAPANESE FOOD

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