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Send us pictures of your Japanese food creations!

September 29, 2016

Posting event has started!

It has been almost three months since we launched our "JAPANESE FOOD" site. Since then, we have introduced more than 750 recipes. Surely some of you have tried making them, haven't you? For those Japanese food lovers, we have news for you! You can be a part of the “JAPANESE FOOD” site!
Please send us pictures of the recipes you've made from our website! We would love to show you having fun making the recipes on our special feature page.

Let's make Domo rice balls!

Today, we'd like to introduce you to three of our Japanese food lovers who tried our "Domo rice ball recipe".

"Domo" is NHK World's official mascot. Isn't he charming, with his brown body, big mouth, and cute round eyes? Cooking specialist Ms. Shiori came up with the Domo rice ball recipe.

Mix cooked rice with dried bonito shavings and soy sauce, then shape Domo's brown body. Next, make his mouth with ham, teeth with cheese, and eyes with seaweed. Please click here for details.

Let's check out how our challengers did!

Itxazne Artetxe (Spain)

Itxazne, from Getxo, North Spain is a big fan of Japan. Since she came to visit Japan this year, her feelings for Japan have gotten even stronger – especially for healthy, delicious and cute Japanese food! She often visits the "JAPANESE FOOD" site and tries the recipes. She got the ingredients from an Asian supermarket in the next town, where they have a great selection. She also made a cute cat rice ball! The small eyes and whiskers have been cut so finely! What a great job!

Itxazne's Comment:
It was hard to keep the rice-ball in shape, but I think I did ok.
It was fun to design the Domo and the cat's face. I'd like to keep studying Japanese food by following the "Japanese food" site.

Jonathan and Freida Hutchings (Canada)

Jonathan and his 7-year-old daughter Freida live in Canada. This is their first time making a rice ball! They enjoy eating Japanese food, but when it came to actually making it.... it was challenging! Despite the challenge, they even made legs and hands, just like real Domo!

Jonathan and Freida's Comment:
We don't have a rice cooker, so we made rice in the pot.
Freida enjoyed mixing the rice but the rice got really sticky and got all over our hands. Maybe the amount of water we put in was wrong?

Vivian Morelli (Japan)

Vivian moved to Japan from Canada about 7 years ago. She started learning how to cook Japanese food when she married a Japanese person. She says the "JAPANESE FOOD" site teaches her a lot.
The Domo rice ball she made today has a lot of her own ideas. She used red paprika instead of ham to enhance the red in the mouth. She also added shiso furikake, dried perilla leaf flakes into the rice to make the taste even better. Look at this Domo, it’s almost as if it's going to move around!

Vivian's Comment:
It was fun to make the face of Domo. The hardest part was to make the teeth with cheese cut into triangle shapes. It was hard to keep the mouth on his face, so I was being very careful not to drop his mouth in this picture!
It is so cute, so I thought it might be great to serve at parties.

Do you feel like giving Japanese cooking a try now?
It doesn't have to be Domo rice balls – it could be any recipe from the site. Find your favorite recipe and try it in your kitchen, then please send us the pictures! They may be posted on our special article page!

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