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I made it!! “MY JAPANESE FOOD” vol.7

December 7, 2017

Hi, this is the editor-in-chief of JAPANESE FOOD. Welcome to the seventh installment of our series introducing some of the wonderful submissions we receive from Japanese food lovers around the world. Let's take a look at what everyone’s been cooking up at home!

Cold Carrot Soup

Pauline Chavannes from the Netherlands

Comment I love to watch NHK. Especially “Dining with the Chef.” Rika Yukimasa makes a super easy cold carrot soup and me and my daughter love it! A friend of ours asked us to help out with his vegetable garden and we could bring carrots home. I immediately cleaned them and popped it in the microwave like Rita explained. I am a food blogger of mostly Indonesian recipes, but because of NHK I try to make Japanese food too!

Editor's comment

Pauline, I’m glad to hear that you enjoy watching "Dining with the Chef" on NHK World. Thank you so much for sharing a photo of the carrot soup you made after watching the show. It looks delicious, especially the way you served it. Because you made it with freshly picked carrots, I’m sure it tasted just as good as it looks! Microwaving the carrots really helps to save time, doesn’t it? JAPANESE FOOD introduces many of Rika’s other recipes, so please check them out as well. I look forward to seeing what you make next.

Rika's Stuffed Bell Peppers with Pea Rice / Nikujaga with Chicken

zaynoo1 from Germany

[Rika's Stuffed Bell Peppers with Pea Rice]
I tried Rika's recipe right after having watched the episode. It turned out very delicious although the European bell peppers turned out quite bitter. Wonder if Japanese ones are more sweet?
[Nikujaga with chicken]
I made my first Nikujaga which turned out very delicious. Just used chicken breast that I had at hand...

Editor's comment

zaynoo1, great to hear from you again! Japanese bell peppers are much smaller and thinner than the North American and European varieties. Although they’re slightly bitter when raw, once they’re cooked they become sweet, which is one of their special characteristics. European bell peppers may be more bitter than the Japanese kind. Thank you for providing us with this important feedback.
Your nikujaga looks delicious, too! In eastern Japan, it’s usually made with pork, whereas in western Japan it’s made predominantly with beef. It’s a dish that reflects regional tastes. I’ve never tried making nikujaga with chicken, but the combination of chicken and potatoes can’t be beat. I’ll definitely give it a try! I’m sure other site visitors will be adding chicken nikujaga to their cooking repertoires as well.

Simmered Stuffed Peppers

stevesalloom from the U.S.A

CommentThis year I planted peppers in my small garden and it was time to harvest a few peppers. I chose four large green peppers to make Rika's Simmered Stuffed Peppers. The green peppers were large, so I had to double the quantities in Rika's recipe. I placed cabbage leaves at the bottom of the pan to provide additional umami flavor. Everyone in my family wanted more and enjoyed their portion.

Editor's comment

Thanks to you, too, stevesalloom, for trying Rika’s recipe from "Dining with the Chef". It’s amazing that the green peppers from your garden were so big you needed to double the quantities! The peppers must have been extremely filling and packed with flavor. I think lining the pan with cabbage leaves was a splendid idea as well. I can’t wait to hear about what you create next. Please send us a picture next time so we can see your final product!

Imoyokan (Steamed sweet potato cake)

Hanhey from the U.S.A

CommentSteamed or boiled sweet potatoes were my childhood breakfast. Thanks to Ms. Watanabe on her "Let's Cook Japanese" and NHK World for the delicate recipe of sweet potatoes. It really brought my favorite steamed sweet potato dish to the next level. Love it!

Editor's comment

Hanhey, thank you very much for your comment and beautiful photo. I’m glad you enjoyed making the recipe introduced on "Let’s Cook Japanese", one of NHK WORLD’s radio programs. The recipe simply called for making a bar-shaped potato cake, but you went the extra mile and used a mold to make an even more attractive dessert! The JAPANESE FOOD site features many other sweet potato recipes, from desserts to main dishes. Enter “sweet potato” in the search box at the top of the page to look for something you’d like to try. Make sure to let us know how it turns out.


Chiara from Italy

CommentI made chirashi bowls for my friends... They were soooooo happy!

Editor's comment

Wow, your chirashi looks delicious! Salmon, salmon roe, tuna, cucumbers, eggs, and nori...such a variety of ingredients and colorful, too. I’m so glad to hear that the chirashi was a big hit with your friends. Sushi is a great party dish, isn’t it? Next time, try serving up some temaki sushi (hand-rolled sushi) or tiny ball-shaped temari sushi (sushi balls) to wow your guests once again! Both recipes can be found on this site. Just enter “sushi” in the search box and discover the many variations that are available.

There’s only one more month left in 2017. During the year-end holiday season, I hope you’ll cook up some Japanese food to enjoy with your family and friends. I recommend checking out any of the recipes listed under the “Party” category on our site. If you do try them out, let us know what you think. We look forward to hearing from everyone and seeing your take on the recipes!

The Editor-in-Chief of JAPANESE FOOD

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