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Dining with the Chef: Bringing Japanese Cuisine to the World

July 21, 2016

Celebrating its 5th anniversary in 2016, “Dining with the Chef” is an internationally popular cooking program broadcast once a week on NHK WORLD TV that presents the basics of Japanese cuisine in an informative and approachable way.

Chef Tatsuo Saito has been with the program from the very beginning and has played a key role in advancing the global popularity of traditional dishes such as sushi and tempura. Watching him fillet fish, serve up tempting tempura and plate dishes with artistic flair, it's like being an apprentice to one of Japan's top chefs in the comfort of your own home.
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Chef Rika Yukimasa presents Rika’s TOKYO CUISINE, featuring easy-to-make Japanese recipes that can be prepared at home. Not only traditional dishes but also everyday home cooking is extremely important in Japanese cuisine. Drawing on her own experience as a homemaker, Rika introduces easy and delicious dishes that can be made without using special ingredients or techniques.
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