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Welcome to the World of Japanese Cuisine!

June 20, 2016

Try your hand at making Japanese meals.

Healthy, seasonal, delicious - surprisingly easy to make, too!

A bountiful ocean and strong seasonal variation have contributed to an astonishing array of seafood and vegetables in the Japanese diet. Over the years, dishes from other parts of the world have also found their way into an unusually rich culinary culture. If you'd like to sample the best that Japan has to offer, there's no need to book a table at an expensive restaurant; you can enjoy Japanese cuisine in the comfort of your own home!

What makes Japanese cuisine healthy?
First of all, it's low in calories. As vegetables and seafood feature so prominently, it has fewer calories than meat-based cuisines that use a lot of oil. A Japanese approach lowers the risk of obesity.Japanese meals also offer great nutritional balance. Many people in Japan actually aim to eat 30 different kinds of food a day. Recipes feature a tremendous assortment of rice, vegetables, fish and meat that provide a healthy, well-balanced diet of vitamins, protein and minerals.

You too can be a Japanese chef!
The preparation processes are generally simple. Check out our treasure trove of recipes and try your hand at whatever looks good!

Explore this fascinating world for yourself!

Special Features
The top page is your point of entry to the fascinating world of Japanese cuisine. Over the course of a long history Japan has developed a highly sophisticated food culture, and each region has created its own culinary specialties that make the most of local produce. Japanese cuisine goes way beyond just food, reflecting different ways of life, history, culture and popular beliefs. In Special Features, you'll find that our knowledgeable writers offer valuable insights into Japan's food culture across such topics as why rice is so prized in Japan, the many varieties of ramen noodles, and the history of sushi. Even if you're not much of a cook, these articles are well worth reading for a deeper understanding of Japan.

Once you've whetted your appetite, move on to the kitchen and sample one of our recipes! Each one is a magical introduction to the world of Japanese food. Quick and easy ways to prepare sushi at home; healthy, low-calorie meals; delicious pack-and-go foods for a bento lunch box; perennial family favorites such as nikujaga meat and potatoes, and pork ginger. Join us on an adventure into home cooking, Japan-style! Each recipe was designed by a top chef to allow you to enjoy mouth-watering Japanese food as simply as possible.

TV & Radio
Click to view NHK World's Dining with the Chef and other cooking programs that present many of the essentials of Japanese cooking: a great way to learn from the experts.

Start cooking your way to a better life!

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