JAPANESE FOOD is a showcase for healthy, easy, and delicious home cooking from Japan, with over 1000 recipes by top chefs and more than 100 special features. The site began in 2016 and is run by NHK, Japan’s public broadcaster.

If you'd like to sample the best that Japan has to offer, there's no need to book a table at an expensive restaurant; you can enjoy Japanese cuisine at home through our website!

Special Features

The top page is your point of entry to the fascinating world of Japanese cuisine. In Special Features, you'll find that our knowledgeable writers offer valuable insights into Japan's food culture across such topics as the history of sushi, the secrets about Japan’s healthy diet or vegetarianism, and the many varieties of ramen noodles. Even if you're not much of a cook, these articles are well worth reading for a deeper understanding of Japan.

In addition to stand-alone feature articles, we also offer several regular columns.

Regional food series

There are 47 prefectures in Japan, each with its own culinary specialties that make the most of local produce. Our writers actually visit these areas to interview local people, introduce special products, and discover the latest regional food innovations. A “must-read” for people planning to travel to Japan!

The ABCs of Japanese Cooking

This series teaches you the very basics of Japanese cooking. Our teacher is Chef Akiko Watanabe a.k.a. Madam Akiko, who has been teaching traditional, Japanese home-style cooking for more than 25 years.

I made it!! “MY JAPANESE FOOD”

In this series, we share the wonderful pictures, comments, and ideas we receive from Japanese food lovers around the world. We have already received so many beautiful pictures of "MY JAPANESE FOOD.”


Once you've whetted your appetite, move on to the kitchen and sample one of our recipes! Each one is a magical introduction to the world of Japanese food.

We offer favorite home cooking recipes created by top Japanese chefs. Most of the items are English translations of recipes introduced in NHK's domestic cooking program "Today's Menu” (Kyo no Ryori), which has been broadcasted since 1957.

Our recipes are roughly divided into fine Japanese cuisine, like sushi and tempura, quick and easy home cooking, and dishes from around the world, such as spaghetti and mapo tofu, that's been given an ingenious Japanese touch. There may be recipes that challenge one’s image of Japanese food, but this diversity reflects the real tables of Japan. Professional chefs create our high quality, nutritionally-balanced, time saving recipes, yet anyone can make these delicious dishes without fail by following the instructions on the site!


How often is the site updated?

We update the site twice a week – Monday and Thursday, Japan time – though public holidays may occasionally affect this schedule.

Is it safe to eat raw eggs?

In Japan it should be no problem to eat raw eggs if they are fresh. But if you are worried about eating them in your country, use pasteurized eggs when you are going to consume them raw or partially-cooked.

Who is the brown character that appears on the website every now and then?

It is NHK's mascot, Domo. Domo made his debut in 1998, and his popularity outside of Japan led to his adoption as NHK’s ambassador to the world in May of 2014. On this site, in the Special Features section that introduces regional dishes, you might be able to find Domo dressed up in special outfits. How many different versions of Domo can you find?

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You are welcome to post links and banners from JAPANESE FOOD on your own site. Please use the following materials freely as banner material.

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