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NHK WORLD TV is NHK’s international television service in English. With its tagline of “Your Eye on Asia,” it offers a wide variety of programming on Japan and the rest of Asia, while helping promote viewers’ understanding of Japan and Japanese perspectives.

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  • Television broadcasting in English


  • By DVB-S (QPSK)
  • Using PAL and HD signals
  • With no scrambling


  • Through local CATV
  • IPTV
  • Satellite operators



“NEWSLINE” anchors.

“NEWSLINE” anchors.

NHK WORLD TV started in February 2009. It broadcasts news and various other programs in English around the clock to the world. As of the end of March 2015, it is available in about 280 million homes in about 150 countries and territories. On weekdays, it broadcasts its main news program, “NEWSLINE,” for 30 minutes every hour on the hour. For the second half-hour, it airs programs in various genres to offer information on Japan and the rest of Asia, along with their cultures. For easier access, this service is live-streamed on the Internet.

Emphasis on North America and Asia

NHK revised its programming of NHK WORLD TV in April 2015. It now sees North America and Asia as its key target areas, and is broadcasting programs tailored to the needs of viewers there. We hope this will help raise public recognition of NHK WORLD TV in those important areas.

North America

In North America, attention is on Washington D.C. and New York, centers of international politics and world media. They are also home to many opinion leaders with keen interest in political and economic situations in Japan and Asia, as well as to innovative business leaders. NHK WORLD TV is working hard to offer them reliable information to win their confidence.

For this purpose, NHK has started two main programs. One is a 45-minute news program, “NEWSROOM TOKYO.” It airs at 8:00 p.m. Japan time on weekdays. It tells viewers what’s happening in Japan and the rest of Asia with on-the-spot reports and commentaries by experts and correspondents.

The other is a debate program, “GLOBAL AGENDA.” We invite world opinion leaders to discuss global issues of international politics, economics, the environment and others, and explore ways to deal with them.

Communicating the Real Face of Japan to World

NHK and its related organs produce high-quality programs with rich content. They are also constantly developing sophisticated technologies in the industry. NHK is now ready to take up these challenges in the international arena to come up with services that are better fit for global markets. NHK believes this will eventually help raise the profile of Japan in the international community.

By promoting co-productions, distribution, and acquisition of quality programs, and through global diffusion of quality technologies, NHK is set to strengthen its globalization.

NHK also has excellent expertise in producing programs on nature, science, disaster preparedness, education and many other fields. NHK hopes to put these to a valuable use at international conferences or seminars. NHK can also work with overseas broadcasters and international organizations to preserve and utilize precious archival images. NHK’s contribution to such academic and cultural aspects of broadcasting will be an important asset for the world.

NHK will reflect these objectives on its strategy plan and promote human resource development to bring NHK brand to a new height.



“Trails to Tsukiji” introduces items sold in the Tsukiji fish market and gives a glimpse into the depth and variety of Japan’s food culture.

“Trails to Tsukiji” introduces items sold in the Tsukiji fish market and gives a glimpse into the depth and variety of Japan’s food culture.

“SAMURAI WHEELS” introduces to the world the charms of Japanese cars and Japan’s unique car culture.

“SAMURAI WHEELS” introduces to the world the charms of Japanese cars and Japan’s unique car culture.

“Doki Doki! WORLD TV” presents recommended NHK WORLD TV programs.

“Doki Doki! WORLD TV” presents recommended NHK WORLD TV programs.

The other key target area is Asia, where Japanese culture is vibrant. NHK hopes to make people feel even closer to NHK WORLD TV by offering accurate, reliable and objective information, together with programs projecting the charms of Japanese culture, targeting people interested in Japan and the youths. To achieve this goal, NHK offers programs on Japan’s state-of-the-art technology, food, fashion, entertainment and more from unique perspectives. NHK has also enhanced news-coverage prowess in China and Thailand, and is transmitting programs in a variety of genres from there.

Broadcasting Regional Topics of Japan

NHK also broadcasts programs on various parts of Japan. With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in sight, it aims to introduce many attractions around the country. NHK WORLD TV hopes this will help stimulate foreign visitors’ interest in Japan and promote their understanding of the nation.

Closer Coordination with Domestic Broadcasting

In fiscal 2015, NHK WORLD TV started 20 new programs, including an anime show for the first time, for a total of 58 regular programs. At the same time, NHK has taken action to bring NHK WORLD TV and its domestic channels even closer. NHK WORLD TV now airs more of its excellent domestic programs redefined for overseas viewers, while NHK WORLD TV programs are made available for Japanese viewers on NHK’s domestic channels. NHK’s main domestic channel, General TV, now broadcasts highlights of popular NHK WORLD TV programs in a weekly program, “Doki, Doki! WORLD TV.”

Making NHK WORLD TV More Available in Japan

In view of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, NHK is working to make NHK WORLD TV more accessible in Japan. For foreign visitors to Japan, an all-English TV service can be an important information tool. Work is underway to make the service available in hotel rooms and through cable TV and IPTV operators.

This can help foreign visitors, whose numbers are increasing in recent years. In 2013, the annual number of such visitors exceeded 10 million for the first time. Mt. Fuji was registered as a U.N. World Heritage Site. Traditional Japanese cuisine was added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list. Interests in Japan are growing. With 2020 in mind, the public and private sectors are making themselves ready for 20 million visitors a year.

Large monitors for NHK WORLD TV are now set up at departure lobbies of international airports such as Narita, Haneda, Kansai and Chubu. NHK WORLD TV is committed to playing an important role as a key information gateway for visitors to Japan.

Expanding for Multimedia

With free smartphone apps for NHK WORLD, you can enjoy its TV and radio programs much more easily. In addition, in response to strong requests from viewers around the world, NHK has started a video-on-demand catch-up service since June 2015 for about 10 programs (in all, about 300 episodes).