About This Site

1. The Purpose of This Site

  • This site contains a record of NHK WORLD, NHK’s international broadcasting service, to mark its 80th anniversary. It begins at the dawn of shortwave broadcasting, ten years before NHK began its overseas radio broadcasting in 1935, and goes to 2015, when NHK WORLD had expanded from television to multilingual services on the Internet.
  • The first half is a chronology of the evolving steps of international broadcasting against the background of historical events from the 1920s to the present day. The second half is an outline of services offered by NHK WORLD TV, NHK WORLD PREMIUM, NHK WORLD ONLINE and NHK WORLD RADIO JAPAN.
  • At the end of the site is a list of major TV and radio broadcasters around the world.

2. Chronicle

  • To give background for different time periods, tables of major events for one to about five years are given at the top of most pages under their headlines, often with photos of major events.

3. Outline of Services

  • The site also gives outlines of services offered by NHK WORLD on radio, TV and the Internet.

4. Terms and Names

  • In Japan, two terms have been used to refer to the activity of broadcasting abroad: one for overseas broadcasting before the end of World War II and another for international broadcasting later. On this site, for convenience, we define the act of broadcasting abroad in and after 1935 as “international broadcasting” and mostly use this term throughout the site.
  • The Christian era is used for years. In some cases, the Japanese era is also given.
  • The names of programs and when they were aired are based on annual editions of The NHK Yearbook, tables of NHK programs as aired, timetables of programs for NHK international broadcasting, and other references.
  • No honorifics are used for performers, producers or others.