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EventMCM London Comic Con

October 27-29, 2017


Domo’s new hybrid animation Domo! World had its European Premiere on 8K Super Hi-Vision at this year’s MCM London Comic Con!

ExCel London, the venue for MCM London Comic Con, attracted about 130,000 visitors from all over the world throughout the weekend!

People were fascinated by Domo! World screened in 8K quality on a 98-inch monitor. Viewers were eager to discover the secrets hidden within the 8k animation of Domo! World.

Those who made it to find the answers were given special gifts as souvenirs.

Idol Blue, the singer in Domo! World’s idol duo MO-DO, came out to greet fans for photo ops.

A special demonstration of stop-motion animation was presented daily by one of the animators who worked on Domo! World. Some children aspiring to be animators as well as adult professional animators were amongst the audience, all enjoying the live demonstration and talk.

Some scenes out of Domo! World were recreated inside displays with the actual puppets used in the animation.

Monmos with friends from Domo! World in display.

Drummers from Domo! World in display.

MO-DO, Domo! World’s idol duo, and their fans in display.

People lined up to create their own original GIF photos with the original Domo! World backdrop design.

Thank you everyone for coming to NHK World’s booth at this year’s MCM London Comic Con!

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October 27-29