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EventDOMO! WORLD 8K Video World Premiere in New York

October 5-8, 2017


A brand new series of Domo animation “Domo! World” was finally unveiled in New York!

To celebrate the day of the World Premiere of Domo! World, the trailers of this hybrid stop-motion animation came onto the multiple screens in Times Square in New York.

One of the grounding themes of Domo! World is to celebrate diversity, and it was symbolic to see it being part of this diverse city!

Known as the largest comic book and pop culture gathering in the U.S., New York Comic Con attracted about 200,000 enthusiastic fans throughout the weekend!

Domo! World is a hybrid animated short film which consists of 16 different animations being synchronized together. The content was showcased for the first time in public on 8K Super Hi-Vision quality on a 98-inch monitor.

In Domo! World, some secrets are hidden for viewers to discover. Many people stayed in front of the monitor to find a secret couple, a four-leaf clover, or hidden letters.

The main Animator of Domo! World travelled from Japan with the actual puppets to re-create and display several scenes from the film.

Monmos with friends from “Domo! World.”

Domo! World’s idol duo, MO-DO, were also brought from Japan along with their enthusiastic MO-DO fans. Rock Slab Stage was recreated inside the display just like what we see in Domo! World.

These adorable and elaborate puppet displays attracted and amused all kinds of people.

Idol Blue, the singer of MO-DO, appeared for the first time in the U.S. as a NHK World ambassador. Everyone was happy to meet Idol Blue!

A long line of fans formed every time Idol Blue came out to greet her fans.

DJ Domo came out to play a short set for his fans.

People gathered around the booth to see DJ Domo play.

Everyone called out “Domo!” in unison with DJ Domo’s LED light messages being displayed on its goggles.

At the special GIF photo corner, people lined up to take photos to get their own pictures with the original Domo! World backdrop design.

Participants were happy to take their printed photos as a souvenir.

Thank you for coming to the NHK World’s booth at New York Comic Con! See you again at upcoming events!