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EventJapan Matsuri at Trafalgar Square in London

September 24, 2017


Event completed. Don’t miss our report and catch up with Idol Blue!

Event Reports

Japan Matsuri was held in Trafalgar Square, one of London’s iconic sightseeing spots. The festival attracts more than 70,000 people every year.

The weather was sunny and warm – a rare occurrence for this time of the year in the UK, and a good opportunity to use the paper fans and sun visors handed out by NHK World.

One of the popular attractions at the NHK World booth was a Japanese-style lottery.

Many people lined up for a chance to participate…

…and some walked home with a nice souvenir!

Fans also flocked to meet Idol Blue, one of the members of idol duo MO-DO of DOMO! WORLD.

Idol Blue’s flowery headband was a big hit among adults and children alike.

Another special guest was rakugo storyteller and TV personality Katsura Sunshine, from Canada.

Thank you very much for visiting the NHK World booth, and see you again very soon!

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[Photos with Domo]
September 24