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EventDOMO! WORLD 8K Video Showcase in Thailand & Big Mountain Music Festival

December 7-10, 2017


Mega Tour in Thailand: DOMO! WORLD 8K Showcase at Siam Paragon and DJ DOMO at Big Mountain Music Festival

NHK World presented the brand-new animated contents, Domo! World, at Siam Paragon, one of the largest department stores in Thailand.

Domo! World is a stop-motion animation that was produced with 8K Super Hi-Vision technologies, allowing tiny, never before-seen details to be captured on camera.

There were more than 110 monitors displaying Domo! World in Siam Paragon!

In addition, visitors could exclusively experience Domo! World on the 8K Super Hi-Vision monitor at NHK World booth from December 7 to 10, 2017.

They could also join our Domo! World quiz. We were glad that everyone was having so much fun with the quiz!

On the other side of the booth, the visitors were enjoying animated photos in a Domo! World theme.

On the same weekend, NHK World, together with DJ Domo and KEIZOmachine!, visited Big Mountain Music Festival in Khao Yai, Thailand!

Big Mountain Music Festival is one of the largest music festivals in Southeast Asia, attracting music fans from all over Asia.

Throughout the festival, there were 8 stages playing music non-stop to captivate the fans.

KEIZOmachine! showcased his superb finger drumming skills to warm up the crowd.

DJ Domo was getting ready at the backstage for his performance.

It's Showtime!

DJ Domo played his original set for 15 minutes with KEIZOmachine!

The crowd grew bigger and bigger after KEIZOmachine! and DJ Domo came on stage.

Our usual photo with the crowd right after the set. Thank you everyone for the amazing show!

Before the shows, people gathered around the NHK World booth to hang out.

Idol Pink from Domo! World came out as a surprise guest for the photo session.

KEIZOmachine! was also very happy to greet Idol Pink for the first time.

Thank you for coming to take photos with Idol Pink!

There was also this photo booth, where people could get their original Domo! World animated photos.

The visitors shared their photos on social media.

After an exciting performance on stage, DJ Domo dropped by the booth to greet his fans.

NHK World was excited to meet everyone in Thailand. Thank you all for coming!