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EventC3 AFA JAKARTA 2017

August 18-20, 2017


Domo was back in Indonesia for C3 AFA JAKARTA 2017 and he was ready than ever to meet with everyone!

Event Reports

C3 AFA Jakarta 2017 is the one of the largest and most followed anime event in Southeast Asia. This year, the event attracted more than 50,000 visitors and cosplayers in 3 days.

This year there were many interesting activities at the NHK World booth. At the DOMO! WORLD corner, visitors were able to take animated pictures of themselves.

At another corner of the booth, visitors were invited to draw Domo. It was quickly filled up with warm messages and amazing drawings from everyone!

Inside the booth, visitors were gathered around the Video on Demand (VOD) viewing corner, a place where visitors can experience the free VOD service that is available online.

Domo was happy to see one of his friends, May’n, from NHK World’s music program J-Melo appear at the NHK booth! He was not the only one excited at her appearance as she had many fans waiting for her nearby.

Japanese band fhána, another guest from J-MELO, dropped by to hold a meet and greet session at the booth. Many fans were there to greet and present them with a message flag.

Everyone was pleasantly surprised by the appearance of Idol Blue from the idol duo group MO-DO in DOMO! World! She was immediately surrounded by a crowd of people waiting to take pictures with her.

Idol Blue was thrilled to be invited to dance Domobics with the local Indonesian dance group! The upbeat rhythm attracted crowds every time at the main stage.

At the booth, visitors were invited to join in Domobics with Idol Blue. This fun and healthy aerobics brought smiles to everyone who danced it! The original music video and dance tutorial are available online so make sure to try it out at home!

After seeing the many letters visitors had written at the Time After Time Domo Capsule corner, Idol Blue also wrote a letter to her future self and can’t wait to retrieve it in 20 years time!

It was a great experience for both Domo and Idol Blue! Thank you and hope everyone had a great time at NHK World booth as much as they did. See you all soon!