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EventHyper Japan in London

July 14-16, 2017


NHK World and bipedal robot DJ Domo participated in Hyper Japan in London!

Event Reports

This year’s Hyper Japan was held at the historic Tobacco Dock! Built in 1811, it was mainly used to store imported tobacco. Nowadays, it’s used for large corporate and commercial events.

At NHK World’s booth, Idol Pink from a new series called DOMO! WORLD took part in meet-and-greet photo sessions with fans.

At the HYPER Theater, NHK World held a series of program screenings.

The screening of Entertainment Nippon 2017 HATSUNE MIKU X KODO was packed! The show is an up-close look at the collaboration concert between virtual singer Hatsune Miku and Taiko Performing Arts Ensemble Kodo.

The screening of the documentary The Lost Hokusai was followed by a Q&A session for the audience. The documentary is about the restoration of Hokusai’s final masterpiece, which was destroyed, using pioneering image-analysis technology.

At Hyper Live, DJ Domo and his composer and collaborator KEIZOmachine! (HIFANA) took to the stage for an amazing collaborative performance, which became DJ Domo’s official European debut.

During the set, KEIZOmachine! invited a few members of the audience to improvise beats together.

KEIZOmachine! and DJ Domo created beats together.

DJ Domo took part in the meet-and-greet photo sessions and made lots of new friends!

DJ Domo and KEIZOmachine! found a spare moment and set out to London. There, they visited a club, Cargo, and excited the floor.

DJ Domo joined KEIZOmachine!’s set at Cargo.

After the set at Cargo, DJ Domo was greeted by many London locals.

Thank you Hyper Japan! Thank you London! We had such a wonderful time, and we’re looking forward to returning very soon.

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July 14-16