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EventCherry Blossom Festival in Denver

June 24-25, 2017


Event completed. Don’t miss our report and catch up with Domo!

Event Reports

The 45th Denver Sakura Festival was held at the Sakura Square in downtown Denver and attracted more than 20,000 people in 2 days.

NHK World TV launched in Denver this January in partnership with PBS station Colorado Public Television. The NHK World TV set up at the festival booth was a collaboration of the 2 channels.

Domo proudly represented NHK World TV and PBS Kids character Super Why! proudly represented Colorado Public Television. The two of them were a big hit the festival. People followed them around wherever they went.

The beautiful backdrop of Sakura trees and Himeji Castle decorating the booth attracted many attendees to take photos. They enjoyed a brief moment of an imaginary travel to Japan.

Three little sisters dressed in matching red kimonos strike a pose using our Katana and Sensu props.

Domo was very popular among the visitors young and old. Everyone wanted a picture with him.

This boy brought his own little Domo doll and was thrilled to meet the real Domo. Super Why! was also clapping at this cute little encounter.

Domo visited the Kids Craft Area of the Festival and greeted many children coloring Japanese art. This boy proudly presents his art work together with Domo.

Domo and Super Why! also took part in performing on the main stage together with the representatives of NHK World and Colorado Public Television. Domo and Super Why! brought so many smiles to the attendees watching the stage.

This young lady was taking a selfie with Domo…did Domo fit inside the frame?

Thank you all very much for coming by NHK World TV booth!

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June 24-25