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EventNational Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC

NHK World attended events: March 24-25, April 8


Event completed. Don’t miss our report and catch up with Domo!

Event Reports

The cherry tree greeted Domo with full bloom in Washington DC.

J-MELO’s host, May J., visited Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Maryland to spend an exclusive time with the students learning Japanese on Friday, March 24.

May J. and the enthusiastic students sung together in chorus. A small group of students presented a rendition of “Let It Go” in Japanese in honor of May J.

May J. striking a “Domobics” pose with approximately 450 students.

Domo taking pictures with students wearing Yukata (a casual summer Kimono). Students are not only learning the language but also cultural aspects of Japan.

On the same evening, May J. performed at the prestigious Kennedy Center, Millennium Stage. Domo was on stage with May J. too.

Approximately 400 people came to see May J.’s performance. The venue was overwhelmed with people, some standing and some even sitting on the floor.

Loveable and friendly Domo always makes people smile.

On the following day, the National Cherry Blossom Festival Opening Ceremony was held at Warner Theatre on Saturday, March 25.

The audiences sung along with May J. when she was singing “Let It Go” at the ceremony.

Domo meets a giant Balloon-Domo! One of DC’s largest spectator events, the energy-filled National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade running for 10 blocks along iconic Constitution Avenue on Saturday, April 8.

This year, the float symbolized NHK World TV’s new partnership with Maryland Public Television, a PBS station covering Washington DC and Baltimore area.

The special collaboration- NHK World’s mascot Domo and PBS Kids character, Super Why! greeted fans at the parade. Domo always enjoys making new friends wherever he goes. See you soon again somewhere in the world!