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EventNHK World at SXSW 2017 in Austin

March 11-14, 2017


Event completed. Don’t miss our report and catch up with Domo!

Event Reports

Domo was thrilled to arrive in Austin, Texas to attend SXSW. Initially launched as a music festival in 1987, the annual fair has grown to encompass film, interactive media, IT technologies and conferences, making it the world’s largest multimedia event.

Domo was soon interacting with visitors from around the world as they arrived at the Austin Convention Center.

The NHK World booth promoted a wide range of TV programs as part of JAPAN FACTORY which showcased Japan’s cutting-edge technologies. Our furry mascot was available for photos, prompting hundreds of visitors to post pictures on social media with the #domonhk hashtag.

Among this year’s SXSW Featured Speakers was organizing consultant Marie “KonMari” Kondo. Her innovative approach to decluttering people’s lives was the focus of an NHK World TV program entitled Tidy Up with KonMari!, which contributed to her international fame.

The 1,400-seat venue was packed. To illustrate her presentation, KonMari used excerpts from the NHK World program that followed her work as a consultant in New York.

The following day, NHK World hosted its own event with KonMari, who demonstrated how to fold clothes efficiently. Her decluttering method focuses on the idea of keeping only things that spark joy.

What started as a presentation soon turned into a workshop, with the audience trying their hand at folding clothes the KonMari way.

Fortunately for him, Domo certainly seemed to be on the list of things that spark joy for KonMari!

DJ Domo was very much at home on the floor of the SXSW Trade Show. Here, he’s examining an 8K VR ride that relies on state-of-the-art Super Hi-Vision technology developed by NHK Enterprises and NHK Media Technology to immerse people in virtual reality without a head-mounted display.

DJ Domo was also excited to learn more about NASA’s ambitious space exploration programs.

He later went for a stroll on 6th street, a district of Austin known for its live music bars, clubs and entertainment venues. His flashy outfit made it difficult not to stand out among the crowd.

Finally, it was time for DJ Domo to demonstrate his skills at the JAPAN FACTORY party!

He was truly honored to get a positive response from the crowd, particularly in a city known for its vibrant music scene.

Late into the night, visitors kept lining up for souvenir pictures. It’s not difficult to read “DJ Domo!” on their lips.

What a pleasure it was to make so many new friends in Austin.
Thank you all for coming, and see you again very soon!