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EventJapanese Culture Week in Los Angeles

January 5-9, 2017


Event completed. Don’t miss our report and catch up with Domo!

Event Reports

Palm trees and warm weather: it’s good to be back in Los Angeles!

Japanese Culture Week was a great opportunity to showcase NHK World programs. 12 of them were screened over 5 consecutive evenings, giving the audience a variety of perspectives on Japan.

One of the screening venues was Echo Park Film Center, a popular spot for local film buffs located not far from Hollywood.

Japanese artist Sebastian Masuda attended one of the sessions as the director of stop-motion film Nutcracker and artistic consultant for NHK World’s Kawaii International. After the screening, he participated in a discussion on kawaii culture.

Sebastian Masuda’s presentation received positive comments from the audience about the powerful philosophical underpinnings of kawaii culture.

Another attraction at the nearby Echo Park Lake was a special workshop dedicated to Sebastian Masuda’s Time After Time Capsule project.

Participants enjoyed the concept of writing and decorating messages to their future selves, and placing them in a time capsule shaped like Domo. The messages are meant to be opened in 20 years.

Of course, all of this took place in the presence of Sebastian Masuda and NHK World’s furry mascot.

The next stage of Japanese Culture Week took place at the Japanese American National Museum, in the heart of Little Tokyo, with the 19th edition of the Oshogatsu (New Year) Family Festival.

Domo was quite busy posing with visitors before a giant green screen.

With just a few clicks, the background was transformed into an iconic Japanese setting – in this case, the scramble crossing in Shibuya.

Visitors received a printed version as a souvenir.

Domo also appeared on stage for presentations about NHK World and Sebastian Masuda’s time capsule project.

A second workshop was held, with about 300 participants in a single day.

On display were giant time capsules with messages crafted during the 2016 Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC and J-Pop Summit in San Francisco.

Sebastian Masuda posing with participants at the workshop.

NHK World organized a special screening of The Phone of the Wind: Whispers to Lost Families at the Japanese American National Museum. The documentary focuses on a phone booth on a hill overlooking the ocean in northeastern Japan, from which people call their loved ones lost in the 2011 tsunami.

The screening was followed by a Q&A with the producer, who joined the event via videoconference from Japan. Despite the distance, the audience heard a very intimate and touching account of the producer’s feelings about this unique program.

Sebastian Masuda closed the evening with a 30-minute presentation on the roots of kawaii culture in Japan. The best moments of his presentation will be featured in the Feb. 25 (JST) edition of Kawaii International and will remain available for one month on NHK World’s video-on-demand platform.

What an eventful week it was for Domo! Thank you to all our visitors, and see you again very soon.