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EventWaku Waku +NYC in New York

August 29-30, 2015


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One of the coolest clubs in Brooklyn prepares to host a fashion show produced by NHK World "Kawaii International" as part of Waku Waku +NYC.

"Waku Waku" is a Japanese term expressing a mix of excitement and anticipation.

The event took place simultaneously across 5 different venues. Pictured here, the Brooklyn Expo Center.

Saturday, August 29, 10AM. Visitors are waiting at the entrance.

The opening ceremony, with the Japanese Consul-General in New York and the Deputy President of Brooklyn Borough bashing in a crate of nihonshu (rice wine).

The ceremony featured a performance by Yun*chi, one of the singers under the spotlight of J-MELO.

The audience's response was fantastic!

Our mascot Domo welcoming happy visitors.

Another venue was this park with a superb view of the Manhattan skyline, which hosted an art workshop.

The "Time After Time Capsule" art project invited participants to create their own kawaii items.

The fashion show is about to begin.

10 fashion brands from Japan participated in the Tokyo Above-Underground show.

The collections showcased Japanese designers' unique take on street fashion.

Some renowned fashion journalists were there to observe the cutting-edge creations.

The models after the show - an impressive cocktail of colors and youthful energy.

The show was directed by Misha Janette, who is also one of the hosts of Kawaii International.

The best moments of the show will be featured in the September 26th edition of Kawaii International.

Day Two: Misha Janette takes part in a talk show entitled Kawaii Beyond Cute, with Harajuku fashion guru Sebastian Masuda.

The two guests talked about the variety of styles behind the notion of kawaii, and how this trend can help people find their own place in life.

Misha responded to numerous interview requests from New York's fashion media.

Two other celebrities traveled to New York for the event: Dining with the Chef co-hosts Tatsuo Saito and Yu Hayami.

Their schedule was packed, with appearances on a talk show at a stylish hotel, on the Brooklyn Expo main stage, and at the NHK World booth.

Chef Saito demonstrating how to prepare a 5-color bento. Within minutes, the booth was filled with an appetizing scent.

Together with her commentary, Yu Hayami filmed the entire process to give the audience a closer look at the chef's technique.

The entertaining performance yielded this elegant and colorful boxed meal.

Domo spent two busy days at the NHK World booth. As always, he received lots of love.

Visitors were also invited to answer a questionnaire about their interest for Japanese food, culture and other topics.

Each respondent had a chance to win a Domo item. Many were intrigued by the Japanese-style lottery wheel.

The winner of the first prize was so happy with his stuffed Domo that he spent a long moment hugging, bowing to and shaking hands with the real thing.

Singer Yun*chi and legendary DJ☆Taku Takahashi (m-flo) warming up at the booth before their big performance later that day.

The cool sounds quickly attracted a large crowd.

Items made during the Time After Time Capsule workshop were put on display right next to the UN Headquarters in Manhattan. The art project was officially endorsed by New York City.

The driving force behind the project is Sebastian Masuda, who's known for his work as art director for fashion icon Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

This art project will continue up to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Sebastian is still thinking about where to go next to collect more kawaii items. You can learn more about his initiative in the October 31st edition of Kawaii International.

The Waku Waku Finale party featured a big surprise: Yun*chi presented for the first time a title she will officially release later in September.

DJ☆Taku Takahashi delivered another flamboyant performance that had everyone dancing within seconds.

Yun*chi joined him once again on stage. Don't miss the best moments of this and other concerts in the September 27th edition of J-MELO!

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