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InfoDOMO! WORLD at Times Square

October 5, 2017


DOMO! WORLD will appear on Times Square billboards over 20 times to greet people of New York at the top of every hour (excluding 9am and 4pm). The billboards will show the highest image quality of DOMO! WORLD that only 8K technologies can offer. Come and visit Times Square and check big screens to peek how DOMO! WORLD looks like!

Date: October 5

Time (US Eastern Time): At the top of every hour on both Nasdaq Tower and Thomson Reuters billboards except 9am and 4pm (local time).

Location: Times Square, New York City

Watch DOMO! WORLD on NHK World TV: DOMO! WORLD and the Mysterious Path
DOMO! WORLD, an 8K stop-motion animated work. Using a large-scale diorama set with 90 different Domo and other new characters, DOMO! WORLD gives you an exciting look at an ancient time. Go behind the scenes of this unbelievable project and listen to how the creators were able to accomplish this incredible 8K visual feat.

Oct 6, US Eastern Time - 7:40pm**
     (UTC - 11:40pm**)

Oct 7, US Eastern Time - 1:40am**, 6:40am**, 10:55am*, 1:40pm**, 4:55pm*, 10:55pm*
     (UTC - 5:40am**, 10:40am**, 2:55pm*, 5:40pm**, 8:55pm*)

Oct 8, US Eastern Time - 4:55am*
     (UTC - 2:55am*, 8:55am*)

*5 min/ **15 min

Traveling the Skies of DOMO! World
Domo… strange creatures that hatch from eggs. Did you know that in ancient times, Domo of all kinds lived together in harmony with nature? Archaeologists who have studied the Domo tribe will give you a detailed tour from the skies above DOMO! WORLD. What kind of animals existed back then? How did Domo communicate? Answers to these questions await.

Oct 9, US Eastern Time - 7:30am**
     (UTC - 11:30am**)

*5 min/ **15 min

Watch above NHK World TV program at: