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Welcome to Amazing Japan!

November 9th, 2012

Shimonoseki : City of Blowfish

Shimonoseki is located at the far western tip of Honshu and famous for its blowfish.
Why do Japanese love fish even with toxin? How does blowfish taste?
Let's tour around Shimonoseki to find answers.

Blowfish harbours a very strong toxin in its organs and other body parts. This is tetrodotoxin and you will die if you eat it. It is extremely dangerous if prepared by anybody who doesn't know how to cook this fish.

Announcer for Indonesian service : Riska Dwi

Riska Dwi

Major Attractions and Events

City of Blowfish

The Haedomari Market in Shimonoseki is the only fish market in Japan that specializes in blowfish.
Two thousand tons of blowfish are traded here each year, making it also the biggest blowfish market in the country.

Haedomari market is known for unique auction called fukurozeri or sack trading.
The buyers place their hands inside sack and communicate their bid by the number of seller's finger they hold.

Sliced raw blowfish or fugusashi not only tastes good but offers artistic beauty.
Chefs use special skills for arrangement.


Blowfish dish

Riska tries making tataki -sliced raw blowfish slightly grilled on surface- using toxin-removed blowfish.
Concentration is vital to slice the fish for same thickness.

Made by Riska.

Riska's teacher:
"She got a perfect score, if that was her first time to touch blowfish."

After cooking, it's time for savor.

”The grilled part is rather bitter, but good. And perhaps it tastes even better because I made this myself!”

Toxin of blowfish can be over a thousand times more poisonous than cyanide and the location of the poison in the fish varies from species to species. Some kinds of them have poison even in the flesh. It is, therefore, extremely dangerous for an inexperienced person to try to prepare it.


It takes about five hours by the Shinkansen bullet train to reach Shin-Shimonoseki station from Tokyo. Shimonoseki station is a further ten minutes from there on the Sanyo Main Line.

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