Tsunami Hits Fukushima

JapanTuesday, November 22

Cooling System Restored at Daini Plant

The Tokyo Electric Power Company says it has restored a cooling system at the Fukushima Daini nuclear power plant that briefly stopped after Tuesday's earthquake.

TEPCO says the system that cools the spent nuclear fuel pool at the No.3 reactor halted about 10 minutes after a strong quake struck off Fukushima Prefecture in the morning.

The utility says it was able to reactivate the system's water pumps about one hour and 40 minutes later, and the cooling operation was restarted. It says no abnormalities were detected.

TEPCO officials said at a news conference that they believe the pumps stopped after the quake shook the water in the pool, activating an alert system.

They said the pool's water temperature was 29.5 degrees Celsius when the cooling operation was restarted. That was 0.2 degrees higher than before the pumps stopped. The upper limit for suspending operations is 65 degrees. Officials said that they also found no abnormalities with the fuel.

The TEPCO officials added that at the Daini plant, one of the monitors for observing nuclear materials in dust in the air also stopped due to a power outage. But it later resumed operation.

At the crippled Daiichi plant in the same prefecture, the officials said that they stopped transferring contaminated water at a water disposal facility as a precaution.

One-meter-high waves were observed at both nuclear plants around 6:30 AM.

The utility's officials also said they have detected no changes so far in radiation levels measured at monitoring posts around the plants.

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