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Seeking Hindi announcers

NHK World Radio Japan’s Hindi section is seeking for Hindi announcers with advanced English skills on a part-time basis.

Kind of Work :
Translation of news and features from English or Japanese into Hindi, and voicing them in Hindi on air.

Working Hours :
Once or twice a week. Approximately 4 hours between 12:00 to 21:30 hrs

Remuneration :
In accordance with NHK regulations.

Qualification Requirement :
1) Resident of Tokyo or nearby
2) Possession of proper visa
3) Planning to stay in Japan for more than 2 years
4) Strong interest in current affairs and other issues
5) Hindi typing skill
6) Fluency in Japanese preferable

Selection Exam :
Translation Test from English to Hindi, Voicing Test & Interview

Exam Schedule :
11th May 2008 (SUN) 09:30 - 15:00
At Broadcasting Center (Shibuya, Tokyo)

Application Method :
Contact us by postal mail.
Your resume should reach NHK by Friday, 2nd May 2008.
The resume should include ;
1) Candidates' name
2) Phone number
3) Address
4) Visa status & date of expiry
5) Education background & work experience
6) Fax number & email address if available
7) More details on test will be provided in response to application.

Contact at :
NHK WORLD, Hindi section, 2-2-1, Jinnan, Shibuya, Tokyo
Postal code 150-8001
Include: "Attention: Application for Hindi Announcer Test"

Memo :
1) No phone inquiries accepted prior to exam.
2) Successful candidates are required to undergo training for 1-2 months.