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Aki Shibuya

Aki Shibuya was born in Japan but spent most of her school days in New York. After returning to Japan with a degree in Politics and East Asian Studies from Smith College, she built a career as a radio and television personality. Her ongoing radio show on FM Yokohama is in its 10th year. For the past two years she has been hosting Tokyo Fashion Express on NHK World. While she pursues her passion for dance, she also aspires to share her insights about Japan with the rest of the world.


Apr. 21, Mon.

Surfer designer explores "another side of vintage clothing"
Designer Norio Sato

Norio Sato is a surfer and former vintage clothing buyer, who lived in Los Angeles, and recently debuted at the Tokyo Collection. The self-taught designer is gaining recognition for his unique approach. To his work, he brings his experiences hanging out with artists in LA's underground scene with knowledge of used denim and other fabrics. The way he is reinventing the feel of vintage fabrics and silhouettes by using luxurious materials is nudging at the boundaries of mode. Even as Sato experiments with new textiles, vintage clothes are a constant inspiration. He feels used clothes and the waves he rides have something in common. It is akin to the notion of Ichi-go Ichi-e, meaning "once in a lifetime". Fading and loosening vintage shapes are different each time, just like each wave. The designer is also attracted to how recycled clothing embodies a history of their wearers. He is now using original fabrics to express a vintage spirit as well as a sense of playfulness.

  • While in high school Sato got hooked on vintage, moved to Los Angeles, and met many street artists. Inspired by them, he taught himself designing and set his brand Cote Mer in 2008 along with a Japanese pattern maker. His debut 2014 Autumn/Winter Tokyo collection theme was the fusion between street art and vintage fashion. We follow this talented designer who is challenging fashion by applying a vintage narrative.
    2014-15 Autumn / Winter Tokyo Collection

    Exhibition Celebrates Collaborations between Tokyo Collection Designers and Craftspeople

    We report on the trade show EN. 15 brands, which have shown at the Tokyo Collection, created works in collaboration with traditional craft companies, such as a Tokushima indigo dyer, a Tokyo Edo-kiriko cut glass maker and an Aichi Bishu wool firm. We introduce the beautiful goods on display at Shibuya Hikarie's creative space "8/".

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