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TOKYO SKYTREE, the world's tallest freestanding broadcast structure will finally be open for business on May 22nd. Join us as we grab an early look from the tower's observation deck and check out some great places to visit nearby.


Tokyo Skytree is the world's tallest freestanding broadcast tower, rising 634 meters.

It is located between Oshiage Station and Tokyo Skytree Station. And just a stone's throw from Asakusa Station, served by numerous rail lines.

Souvenir shops

To help tourists enjoy their Skytree experience even more, residents of the surrounding districts like him have been volunteering to show people the most interesting views.

This souvenir shop stocks more than 100 different Skytree products. From underwear and T-shirts with the Skytree printed on them, to Skytree-shaped pens, and more!

Soba noodle shop and Japanese sweets Cafe

Playing on the Skytree craze, this restaurant came up with the "tower-don", a ricebowl with three huge tempura shrimps representing Skytree.

Now they've come to a cafe serving Japanese-style sweets. This shop also offers a menu item inspired by the tower.

Residential Area

This is a cafe that also sells and rents bicycles. Its original business was just bikes, but with the building of Skytree drawing crowds, it launched the rental and cafe businesses. The cost of renting a bike for five hours is 634 yen.

There is a shop selling rattan furnishings in a residential area. Rattan is a material used in many countries around the world, but this shop carries handmade items designed especially for Japanese lifestyles. Their main products are practical chairs. They are low, with rounded legs to prevent damage to tatami mats.