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Exploring the Yurikamome Line

Two days away along the Yurikamome, a Tokyo train line that runs from Shinbashi to Toyosu. Join us on a trip to popular tourist destinations in and around Odaiba, and enjoy the spectacular bayside view along the way!

From Shimbashi Station to Daiba Station

Our adventure on the Yurikamome line begins here, at Shimbashi Station.

The Yurikamome line, serving the Tokyo Bay area, is familiar to city residents and tourists alike. The line passing through a number of sightseeing spots including Odaiba. Today, we'll visit some of them.

The Yurikamome offers a special discount ticket designed for tourists. It allows you get on and off of the train as many times as you want for a day, for just 800 yen per adult.

Trick art museum near Daiba Station

May and Marilena are headed towards a "trick art museum" near Daiba Station.

Though the shapes all appear three-dimensional, these are actually paintings on the wall.

You are free to touch and take photos of any of the works of art here.

Telecom Center Station

This is the Miraikan. It has exhibits about various facets of Japanese science and technology, and many are interactive. You can experience cutting edge robotics and life science technology.

The most spectacular exhibit is called GeoCosmos. Six meters in diameter, this was the first OLED globe display in the world. The globe is formed from 10,362 OLED panels. GeoCosmos allows us to see our planet in the form of a globe... a view that was once reserved for astronauts.

Hotels along the Yurikamome Line

Here's the hotel where Marilena is staying... one of the most luxurious along the whole Yurikamome Line.

The Royal Garden Suite. Two hundred square meters with one bedroom. It's usually booked by couples, and the cost is 400,000 yen per night. Even the bathroom is enormous, with huge windows.

There is a door leading outside. A private garden where you can savor your very own night view of Odaiba.

The shopping mall beside Aomi Station

Right next to Aomi Station is a large shopping mall.

The mall has about 170 boutiques, outlet stores and restaurants. The interior looks like something out of Renaissance Europe. This place is popular with young women, and it's packed on Saturday and Sunday.

With everything from the latest fashion to bargain and outlet products, the shopping mall's appeal lies in its broad range of prices and quality.