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Tokyo souvenirs

You've seen the sights -- now what on earth do you buy to take home? We have some great answers: Tokyo souvenirs that you'd love to give -- and to get.

Tokyo souvenirs at Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station: the front door to Japan's capital. 3,000 trains arrive and depart each day, the most of any station in Japan.

Look at the huge underground mall at the station. It contains a massive array of gifts and souvenirs that people buy as they head out of Tokyo.

Specialized stores are packed with snacks, box lunches, sweets and some things you've probably never seen anywhere else.

Tokyo souvenirs at Asakusa

Asakusa is the number one tourist destination in Tokyo. The Nakamise path to the temple Sensoji is stocked with a bewildering selection of souvenirs.

There's something here for every foreign tourist. The shop interiors are packed with typical Japanese souvenirs.

Folding fans, chopsticks, Japanese dolls.... You can find just about anything on this street. The prices are reasonable, too, starting at a few hundred yen.

Tokyo souvenirs at Sendagi

This store is pretty laid-back.

The interior is decorated with all kinds of animal figures. But this is no doll shop.

This is an amezaiku store. Amezaiku is a traditional candy craft. Molten, pliable sugar is molded to create works in various shapes.

With the skillful use of scissors, this craftsman can make all kinds of candy sculptures right before your eyes.

Tokyo souvenirs at Shibuya

Our reporters are headed for a store on the 9th floor of a building close to Shibuya station.

This store deals in "deco goods". "Deco" is a word used for decorating cell phones, digital cameras and other personal belongings with glittering rhinestone. It's a fashion trend from Tokyo that has spread outside Japan, and its fans now include international celebrities.

Here you can you create unique customized deco goods. Some people bring their own designs, while others prefer to choose from the samples available.