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SPORTS JAPAN tells you everything about the exciting world of Japanese sports and martial arts with in-depth analysis and up-to-the-minute stories.

Ayako Kisa

Originally from Tokyo, Ayako lived in Los Angeles for 7 years during her childhood. She later became a well-known newscaster for Fuji TV and married US Major League baseball player Kazuhisa Ishii. She went on to become a freelance TV personality appearing on various news, variety and sports shows.



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Aug. 24, Sun.*This program was first broadcast on May 25

Jukendo - The Art of Bayonet Fighting

Jukendo is a system of bayonet techniques, which started life on the battlefield but developed into a martial art. Jukendo attacks are simple and realistic, with thrusting the only real technique. The discipline, however, requires immense skill and speed to accurately strike an opponent. We look at the history of Jukendo and meet some of its most skilled exponents.

  • [Guest]
    Baptiste Tavernier
    Baptiste Tavernier is a French national who has been researching Japanese martial arts at the International Budo University for 7 years. He also works as the senior writer of Kendo World, an English language magazine devoted to kendo and other related martial arts.

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