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SPORTS JAPAN tells you everything about the exciting world of Japanese sports and martial arts with in-depth analysis and up-to-the-minute stories.

Ayako Kisa

Originally from Tokyo, Ayako lived in Los Angeles for 7 years during her childhood. She later became a well-known newscaster for Fuji TV and married US Major League baseball player Kazuhisa Ishii. She went on to become a freelance TV personality appearing on various news, variety and sports shows.



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Sep. 21, Sun.*This program was first broadcast on Jul. 6

Lead Climbing

We present a special feature on competitive lead climbing, a thrilling sport that requires the negotiation of a 12 or 15-meter high artificial wall using only hand and footholds. It's not for the faint-hearted and requires immense mental strength, skill and agility. We take a look at some of the incredible techniques used by some of Japan's top climbers.

  • [Guest]
    Toru Kobinata
    Toru fell in love with climbing at the age of 16 and enjoys taking on boulders and rock faces all around the world. He is currently a team manager of the Japan youth climbing team and also vice president of the IFSC Asian Council.

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