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Mar. 2014

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One Heart New Harmonies From the Traditional Music of Asia

Mar. 1, Sat. 0:10/ 4:10/ 8:10/ 12:10/ 16:10/ 20:10 (UTC)
To celebrate the 40th year of Japan-ASEAN friendship and cooperation, 12 traditional musicians from 7 Asian nations joined together to form the ensemble "Drums & Voices". All of the participants came from different musical roots, yet they overcame barriers of language and culture to create new sounds. We followed their progress over a period of 6 months leading up to their concert tour.

I could be of help An American Volunteer in Tohoku

Mar. 8, Sat. 0:10/ 4:10/ 8:10/ 12:10/ 16:10/ 20:10 (UTC)
Amya Miller is an American volunteer working as the global PR director of Rikuzentakata, a Japanese city recovering from the earthquake and tsunami of 2011. She forges links between Rikuzentakata and overseas media and aid organizations - and also gives the community vital emotional support. Amya, who grew up in Japan, bridges cultural gaps and provides a unique view of life after the quake.

Train Cruise A heart-warming journey through the Tohoku winter

Mar. 8, Sat. 15:10/ 19:10/ 23:10/
Mar. 9, Sun. 3:10/ 7:10/ 11:10 (UTC)
This time we travel to the cold, snowy Tohoku. We first board the Akita Inland Traverse Railway Home-cooking Dining Car, where we take in the wintery landscapes, while feasting on a homemade farmers' meal. We then hop on the Resort Shirakami to catch a spectacular panorama view of the Sea of Japan. Changing to the Tsugaru Railway Hot Stove Car, we warm ourselves by the hot onboard stove while the snow storms pass by outside. We mingle with the locals and nibble on fried cuttlefish snacks.

3rd ABU Digista Teens

Mar. 15, Sat. 0:10/ 4:10/ 8:10/ 12:10/ 16:10/ 20:10 (UTC)
ABU Digista teens is a co-produced TV program by Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU), which supports Asian youths produce a movie. Here are young people between the ages of 10 to 19 who cooperate each other and challenge for movie productions.
It's a new kind of international image festival that allows teens from various regions of Asia to challenge movie productions and makes it fun to learn each other, connecting with participating countries.
This year's theme is "HOME". Teens from 6 countries challenge a 1 minute and 30 seconds movie production per team.

Music for Tomorrow in Strasbourg Classical Concert

Mar. 16, Sun. 1:10/ 5:10/ 9:10/ 13:10/ 17:10/ 21:10 (UTC)
Artists from around the world came to Japan following the disaster of March 2011 to perform concerts and provide encouragement to disaster victims. A series of three concerts is being held to commemorate the third anniversary of the disaster.
The classical concert will take place in the city of Strasbourg, which has provided grassroots support for children following the nuclear accident at Fukushima Daiichi. A high school student from Fukushima will feature in the choir.

Orchestre Philharmonique de Strasbourg, Les Petits Chanteurs de Strasbourg, Sayaka Shoji

BROADCASTERS' EYE New Life Blossoms in an Old Village

Mar. 22, Sat. 0:10/ 4:10/ 8:10/ 12:10/ 16:10/ 20:10 (UTC)
New Life Blossoms in an Old Village, broadcast by TV Kanazawa, documents the 7 year experiences of young new comers and long-time residents as they try to save the village from depopulation.

Music for Tomorrow in New York Jazz Concert

Mar. 22, Sat. 1:10/ 5:10/ 9:10/ 13:10/ 17:10/ 21:10 (UTC)
Jazz pianist Bob James came to Japan to support and encourage disaster victims, playing music and participating in exchanges with local people. Bob and other jazz musicians gather in New York to share the spirit of hope and encouragement through music.

Performers: Bob James, Makoto Ozone et al.

The Bobsleigh Underdogs Small Workshops Take on the World

Mar. 22, Sat. 15:10/ 19:10/ 23:10/
Mar. 23, Sun. 3:10/ 7:10/ 11:10 (UTC)
The economic downturn has been long and hard in Tokyo's Ota Ward, a manufacturing hub of 4,000 workshops, but the craftsmen there have now united to make a fresh start. Their goal, to prove their proud skills to the world by building Japan's first Olympic bobsleigh for use at the Sochi Games. The Olympic team eventually decided not to use their bobsleigh this time, but the dream to revitalize their city by making the world's fastest bobsleigh lives on.

Music for Tomorrow in New Orleans Blues & Jazz Concert

Mar. 23, Sun. 1:10/ 5:10/ 9:10/ 13:10/ 17:10/ 21:10 (UTC)
Ben E. King, the legendary singer of Stand by Me, was among the musicians who visited Japan to connect with survivors of the tragedy. He and other artists gather for a special performance in New Orleans.

Performers: Ben E. King, Senri Oe et al.


Mar. 27, Thu. 15:30/ 19:30/ 23:30/
Mar. 28, Fri. 3:30/ 7:30/ 11:30 (UTC)
In each episode, the new series ART TIME-TRAVELLER explores a theme from Japan's rich 10,000-year tradition of art. In the prologue, we explore a symbol of Japanese culture, the teahouse, especially focus on the radical ones, like a triangular teahouse and an iron teahouse.

Traveller: Megumi Sasaki (Documentary Filmmaker, "Herb & Dorothy" and others)
Guide: Yuji Yamashita (Art Historian)

Teahouses Appearing in Episode
Yokohama Sankeien

The Golden Tearoom (Restored)
MOA Museum of Art (Atami City)

Taian (by Sen no Rikyu)
Myokian temple (Kyoto)
Reservation by postcard required

Sanrakutei (Triangular Teahouse)
Northern Culture Museum (Niigata City)

Iron Teahouse Tettei
By Artist Tomohiro Kato

Akiko Suwanai

Mar. 28, Fri. 14:30/ 18:30/ 22:30/
Mar. 29, Sat. 2:10/ 6:10/ 10:10 (UTC)
Akiko Suwanai is one of Japan's greatest violinists. She lives in Paris. At the age of 18, Suwanai won the International Tchaikovsky Competition, making her the youngest ever winner of the prize. On March 9, she organized a charity concert with the Sendai Philharmonic Orchestra. We followed Suwanai and her efforts to use the power of music to support those affected by the Tsunami.

Ceramic Treasures Karatsu-yaki

Mar. 28, Fri. 15:30/ 19:30/ 23:10/
Mar. 29, Sat. 3:10/ 7:10/ 11:10 (UTC)
This program takes you to potteries located throughout Japan to explore the charms, the culture and the history of pottery. In this show, we introduce you the pottery with 400 years of history - Karatsu-yaki.
The simple antique look deeply resonates with Japanese people's soul because of its strong connection with Wabi-Sabi. Even potteries that were restored with broken pieces are beautiful in this episode. We will explore the 3 fascinating features of Karatsu-yaki.


Mar. 29, Sat. 0:10/ 4:10/ 8:10/ 12:10/ 16:10/ 20:10 (UTC)
An award-winning Shizuoka Broadcasting System documentary about the decades-long efforts of a doctor to treat people with work-related lung disease, and to win them official compensation.